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  1. Honey says

    When I saw that, I immediately thought it’s funny, but if it actually exists is just totally unnecessary. I know this may come off as insensitive as you said, but honestly, at this point I think people should be able do deal with life. I get it that not everyone is the same and some people have deeper mental problems, but a room to cry in is not a solution.
    Also, I agree that this could only be an excuse to moan a bit more about our ‘crappy life’.
    I totally get it that sometimes you’ve just had enough and you’ll either cry or just be miserable for a day or something else. We don’t need more ‘cry rooms’ to encourage this state.
    I can’t really express myself correctly, but basically I’m against this if this is a real practice anywhere. What I would be for is a room full of puppies to go to. They’ll brighten everyone’s day and situation 😀

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

    • Tina says

      A room full of puppies is a perfect solution! you should work in Universities 🙂 I completely agree and what you say makes sense. I believe we need to learn how to deal with life too, because I doubt it gets any easier! xx

  2. Amanda @ Rhyme & Ribbons says

    I dissagree but only because I think safe spaces are different from how you described them. This is an art installation but traditional safe spaces are not necessarily places to hide from your emotions but places to vent them for the marginalised and to feel supported.

    Somewhere for a transgender student to go and feel safe to complain about everyday harassment to people who won’t judge. Places for non-white students to discuss micro (and larger!) aggressions without fear. Places for women to unpack misogyn without having to worry about a nearby dude jumping in. Etc.

    I don’t think people use safe spaces to hide from reality, but use them to provide a few moments of relief from a world that can hate them due to race, gender identity, disability, mental health, sexual orientation, biological sex and cultural identity.

    So I guess that I don’t think safe spaces help people hid from stress but can give them some welcome relief

    • Tina says

      That makes total sense, thanks for explaining the way you see them. I always imagined that people just sit alone in them, but I do understand that people without somebody to talk to can have a hard time feeling better about certain situations without venting. Thanks for such a thoughtful comment x

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