Private dining experience with La Belle Assiette

Have you ever wished you could have a fine dining experience at home when you don’t fancy going out? Or have you thought about hosting a fabulous dinner party, but realised it would be too much work to host and cook all night? With La Belle Assiette, this could become reality!

I threw a dinner party with three fabulous friends and the biggest effort made was arranging the date for us busy ladies!

The Evening

On the evening of our gathering, we poured some wine, sat back and relaxed chatting away while our friendly private chef, Steff Hoefnagels, got started cooking up his French themed three course meal.

Candlelight, free-flowing wine and a fancy table cloth, and we were ready to dine!

The Meal

We were given an appetiser to get us started and knew we were in for a treat from the very first look, and especially first bite, of these miniature pancakes.

Starter: Baked camembert in phyllo pastry with berry coulis / veal replacement.

Both of these dishes were so moreish. The cheese lovers of the group were impressed with the pastry parcel oozing with camembert and the berry coulis gave it an interesting and unique taste.

The replacement meal of veal was tasty too, and very much something I would choose when out.

Main: Confit pork belly, served with pomme puree, pear and sage sauce and parsnip crisps.
Belly pork is a favourite of mine and I struggle to see past it on any menu! I think I might be a Leeds expert on it as have tried it in so many places! I still believe it would be difficult to find one this good when out. The homemade pear and sage sauce perfectly complemented the dish and the parsnip crisps mixed up the texture. We all wanted more!
Dessert: Classic creme brûlée and brandy snap.
I personally don’t usually eat creme brûlée as I find it a bit too rich, but I emptied the serving dish and the brandy snap was the perfect accompaniment to the well-loved dessert.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from such an experience, but had a lot of fun, and the food was divine! We were all so impressed with our meal and the service. Everything was incredible and well thought out from start to finish, and it made for a relaxing, yet exciting evening.

I wouldn’t hesitate to use this service again for a dinner party or even for a special meal for two. Steff was a brilliant chef and a fun person with an interesting story. He required no help or input from us, and didn’t even need any pots and pans from us, which is perfect if you don’t have everything a chef could possibly need! The best part is, when Steff was ready to leave, he had cleaned everything up and it was like he wasn’t even there! What is this magic?! I wish that happened every time I had food at home!

I would honestly recommend Steff as a private chef and the La Belle Assiette service to anybody wanting to try something similar. Starting from £39 per person, I don’t think that’s too bad considering the prices of going out. Plus the wine is cheaper when you bring your own!

Click this link to hire a private chef in Leeds!

Have you ever dined like this in a private setting? Do you ever host dinner parties or would you like to?

Disclaimer: This private dining experience was gifted by La Belle Assiette in return for a blog post, with no obligation for a positive review. All views are my own and food lust is all me!