Meet the Advertisers: May 2018

Last year, I introduced advertising on the blog (over there in the sidebar! >), but life took over and I stopped for a while. I love going back to each every advertiser’s blog or business, and having a good read, so thought I’d introduce this year’s first advertisers!

Get in touch if you’d like to feature in June!

This month, we’ve got two fab, and super supportive bloggers!


Meet the Advertisers

The Undateable Girl’s Diary

Hailey Jade Ryan writes The Undateable Girl’s Diary. I’m a regular reader of Hailey’s blog and she’s one of my faves! Her posts are both hilarious and relatable. She’s also fab on social media and makes Twitter much more fun! If you like list posts on anything from dating to travel, you’ll love this blog! From great travel inspiration to fab photography and fun tips, it’s one of those great websites that you can get lost on for a while. The photography on this blog is definitely worth a look and will give you total wanderlust.

I also really love the idea of having a bucket list on the blog, which keeps you kind of accountable and is a great source of motivation.

Check out: 100 Truths Blogger Tag

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Simply Saph

Simply Saph is a blog that’s got a little bit of everything. Challenges, goals, parent posts and incredibly honest lifestyle posts. I am especially liking the slow living and minimalism posts lately. This blog is great for scrolling through as there’s something for everyone (I’ve just opened so many tabs while writing this!). Saph is one of those bloggers you want to follow the life of as well as the posts. she is interesting and honest, and I love that Simply Saph is such a personal blog while being useful too.

I love Saph’s everyday lifestyle Instagram posts too!

Check out: 31 Day Minimalism & Simplicity Challenge (perfect follow up to my declutter challenge!)

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I really hope you’ll check them out as I genuinely think they’re fab bloggers! We all know a little bit of everything is definitely my style! If you’d like a space in future, you can find more details here.

Thanks for reading, and a MASSIVE special thanks to my advertisers!

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