Are you boring people with your blog?

Okay, I know that’s a harsh title, but why else would you read this? 

When doing my usual blog catch up reads, I found myself having difficulty enjoying many of the posts. I don’t think it’s that I’ve gone off reading blogs, but I think there’s been a shift in content from my usual favourites – not all of them, before you fabulous ones worry!

The blogs I’m talking about are the ones with a clear agenda. I want people to succeed, I want bloggers to become full time and have the happiest life possible living out their dreams. However, I can’t help but think that when some people attempt to become career bloggers, they lose a bit of their authenticity or what makes them ‘them’ behind. I feel like some people become copies of others, maybe not realising it looks like this, because they’ve seen it work for them.

Every other post at least is an ad, astericks everywhere*** , the lifestyle posts become far deeper than needed for quite minor chats in an attempt to seem ‘relatable’, and honestly, I just find it all a bit boring. I know I can just stop reading and I know its none of my business, but I almost feel disappointed, or maybe its sadness, that some of my favourite reads have become a little lacking in terms of my own personal preferences.

It has to be said, some of these people are absolutely killing it, and this is only my one tiny insignificant opinion. I just think that there might be others out there that agree.

I was trying to think of the things that all of these bloggers do that turns me off reading their posts, because let’s face it I do some of them too! So I came up with a little list, be cause lists are my life. Do you agree? Have you noticed content changing for the worse from any of your favourite bloggers – except me, how dare you?!

How to keep me reading your posts (because obviously I’m important)

Be real. Don’t just talk about being real. Don’t write a post called ‘Getting real’ and it’s actually about how you wore BB cream the other day instead of full coverage foundation (I made this up, don’t take offence…although if the shoe fits). Don’t say ‘I’ve had tough times, but I’m getting there’ as a throw away comment in a blog post full of outfit photos and links to your affiliate platform.

Advertise less. This is a difficult one, cos you gotta make dollar! (Dollar sounds cooler than Stirling). But maybe I mean do less obvious or boring advertising. ‘This is the best toothpaste, omg’ is not an entire post and I’m not interested soz. Also, Instagram stories swipe ups are amazing, but do they have to be in every single post? Yawn! Stop trying to sell me stuff! I’m vulnerable when it comes to shopping!

Be yourself. Everyone says be yourself, but on the internet we can be anyone. However, most people can tell when you lose your authenticity. I’m not saying you have to be quirky and totally different, because I’m all about that basic bitch life, but just don’t try too hard to be like others. It’s weird.

Respond. Honestly, I get it. I get about 5 comments on an Instagram post and can forget to respond, but there are some people who don’t even try. They’ll reply to their friends or anyone popular and leave the rest of the comments sitting there.

Don’t act entitled. We are all entitled to respect and to our work being compensated fairly, but we are not all entitled to jump on Twitter and slam a brand as soon as they say we’re too expensive for them.  People work to budgets and while some take the mick, others are just trying to engage and build a relationship. If you’re confident you ‘know your worth’, move on to the next brand and forget them. Bitching isn’t classy. Says this bitchy bitch.

Don’t be too busy. I am busy. Like really busy. Like when will I see my house in the daylight again busy. But I’m never too busy to help out fellow bloggers, read their posts, respond to their Insta stories. I saw your Insta stories of you getting up at 1pm and watching Disney movie after Disney movie! (Okay that’s everyone!) Try harder. Be the person your followers deserve.

Use time wisely. Don’t spend more time on the links to your shop or affiliates than you do on the content. It is so very obvious when you don’t care what you write and are just trying to make money.

What puts you off reading blog posts? Is it people writing about other people’s blog posts? 😉

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