30 Days To A Better Home – Decluttering Challenge

The sun is out  – finally – and we’re all ready for Spring. And with Spring comes new life, lighter food, daffodils and cleaning! Why is it that every Spring we all go a little nuts on the cleaning? Is it because the sun shining through our windows shows up the dirt more than before? Or because the days are longer and we feel we have more hours in the day to get things done?

Either way, I know that I have a major sort out as soon as the darker days end. This year, I’ve been working on living in a tidier home, which is hard when you have so much stuff and no time to do anything. A housewife, I am not! But I do love a tidy home, and it seems to be a constant struggle keeping it that way once it’s all done.

I have found a great way to make sure I’m getting things done, and keep our humble home clean and tidy, so thought maybe it would be helpful to some others who are equally as disorganised in the home.

Spark joy?

Marie Kondo said that anything that didn’t ‘spark joy’ should leave your home. But what if even the smallest of things do spark joy? I am super sentimental and find it hard throwing anything out that people have given me. However, I’m 31 and have had a lot of presents over the years! I had to do something to get my home back.

Have clutter, but love all of your things?

Here’s how to solve it. Throw away a few things a day. Start small.
On the first day of the month, throw away one item. It can be anything, something you never use, something you don’t like anymore, an old plate with a chip in it, or a jar you’ve been keeping to use – none of this is from experience, honest.

Each day, add an item, so throw 2 things on the 2nd, all the way up to 30 items on the 30th April.

I did this in January and it completely changed the way I started thinking about things. Doing it for a challenge felt different to throwing out some things now and then. I joined a Facebook group that was doing it, just so I’d have some accountability and did mine backwards so that I could get the hard bit out of the way. My flat is so much more empty because of it, but I lost nothing of worth. I miss nothing and am amazed that I am ready to start it all over again, but I’m sure this time will be much harder.

Want to do it with me? Use the hashtag #teaisforteam and tag me on Insta stories – I know you won’t want any images of the mess or old items on your Instagram feeds, but I definitely think support and joint challenges help us get things done!

I promise by doing this, you will feel happier in your home! I definitely do, and while it sounds like I have loads of junk everywhere, I actually don’t. Somehow I still managed to find things. 465 things!

Have nothing to throw away?

If you get stuck for ideas, here’s a few to get you going:

  • Old makeup and skincare – remember some lasts only 6 months!
  • Batteries – who even knows which batteries work and which don’t? Test them and throw them.
  • Food in the back of the cupboard that you’ll never eat.
  • Old worn out shoes and clothes that you can’t bear to wear outside or don’t fit properly.
  • Boxes for items you use and are definitely keeping – are you really ever going to re-box them?
  • Anything that doesn’t spark joy!
  • Anything you have kept for longer than a couple of months and still haven’t used/have no use for.
  • Tupperware that doesn’t have lids!
  • Games you don’t play or books you still haven’t read.
  • Jewellery – things you no longer wear, odd earrings, etc.
  • Odd socks or embarrassing underwear. If you wouldn’t wear it to be seen, throw it out!
  • Old magazines

Want to join me? I’ll be sharing mine on Instagram stories here.

Let me know if you’ll be joining and enjoy your tidier, more minimalistic homes!