Photo Diary: Snow Days in Leeds

As the whole of the UK knows, and probably the world from the way we react, just over a week ago we had a load of snow! It turned Leeds into a magical Winter Wonderland. Just one problem…it’s supposedly Spring! We have had snow on and off throughout March and may get more next month.

I have absolutely loved it, but in countries that aren’t necessarily prepared for it, the tiny white snowflakes can cause havoc too! I had to skip plans with friends, and even had my very first snow day from work! The world came to a stop where I live and it was a quiet, beautiful, and peaceful few days here – aside from the few cars attempting to climb the hill.

When I did make it into the city centre, I saw it as I never have. Snow usually has trouble sticking in the busier parts of Leeds, but it looked incredible. So of course I got to snapping! Here are a few photos I took on the snowy days so we can all reminisce about that time the UK stopped for a few days. I mostly wanted to post as a memory. You know, because Spring is here now and it’s going to get super sunny and warm…no?

Did you take 467 photos of the same view over and over too?