6 Hours in Amsterdam – Photo Diary

A few weeks ago, I went on a minicruise and while I only had around 6 hours in Amsterdam, I had a great time wandering around in the beautiful streets, on a boat tour, and checking out the attractions. We could have fit in more, but it was nice to take the day at an easy pace. So here’s how I spent 6 hours in Amsterdam.

I said in in my previous post about the minicruise itself, but this place is seriously hipster and I was all over it! Everybody was dressed well, the cafes and shops were wonderfully quirky, and battered old bikes lining the streets somehow looks good instead of junky. It’s full of coffee shops, book stores and fancy cake shops. Plus there are tulips and wandering cats everywhere – what’s not to love? I love Amsterdam!

Here’s everything I saw in the short time we spent there.

Note: The weather was sunny at times, dull at times – felt the need to point out this isn’t on different days!

Canals and buildings

One thing I really loved about Amsterdam were the canal houses. They’re all really tall, but narrow, and on the boat tour we learned this is because buildings were taxed on the width of them. The level of detail that has gone in to each and every one is fascinating.


I also loved how many modes of transport are used. A Vespa is my dream, and it works perfectly in the narrow city streets of Amsterdam. There are also trams and people cycling everywhere, as well as old, cool cars. There’s a joke that when in Amsterdam at least one person will get hit by a cyclist. I say a joke, but it’s very real and of course Ryan was the person to get hit this time! Literally as soon as we stepped off the bus that brought us from the cruise!

The city

I love visiting new cities, and even though I went to Amsterdam 10 years ago, I couldn’t really remember it. I like the things that make a city unique to others and Amsterdam is certainly unique in many ways.

Another thing that made Amsterdam quirky, but also slightly creepy, is all of the weird stuff we saw in closed shop windows. Is it some sort of tradition to fill old shops with the weirdest thing you can find?

Red light district

We went for a walk through the Red Light District and to the famous Sex Museum. To be honest, I didn’t find it too impressive in there, but it seems like something you have to do. There were sculptures and photos, but nothing that really stood out to me. I wouldn’t say it was a worthwhile attraction if you only have a few hours, but don’t regret going, because now I know. It’s only €5 so it’s not a waste visiting so you might as well see for yourself while there.

We ended the day in a cute, homely pub for a few drinks before heading back to the bus and then ship. After all of that walking, it was good to have a seat, plus the Welsh rugby game was on! Perfect end to a lovely day. then it was back to the ship for another night of fun!

Have you ever been to Amsterdam? What would you recommend seeing and doing while there? Add to this post in the comments to give the readers and I ideas for next time!

Have you ever visited a city for only one day? Let me know how it was in the comments.