Bonkers Bingo Amsterdam Minicruise with P&O Ferries

Think Bingo is boring? Think again! Mecca Bingo are bringing a new generation of bingo lovers Bonkers Bingo! And it’s exactly what it says on the tin!

Not only did I play the nutty game of bingo, full of dirty jokes, humiliating tasks, and more swearing than even I could manage in a night, but Mecca Bingo teamed up with P&O Ferries to host a Bonkers Bingo Minicruise! I’ve wanted to go on a cruise for a while as have never been, but they always sound great so I was so excited for it!

Four friends, three days, two boyfriends and one awesome trip! We went from Hull to Amsterdam and back, with a couple of drunken late nights in between and a game of Bonkers Bingo on each.

Bonkers Bingo

Bonkers Bingo is a totally different bingo game, hosted by an amazing, absolutely bonkers lady, with far too much energy! Kindly reminding players that this game is not for the easily offended, she begins the game by telling anyone who might not like it to ‘Fuck off!’

The game proceeds in the usual way, but with loud music breaking out at any point, giant balls being thrown into the air,  and dancing encouraged, while numbers are called in more risque ways, such as ’33, dirty knees’ and ’11, spread those legs!’ It’s all class among this crowd!

During the game, you can win the best shit prizes available, such as a Unicorn onesie, cat licking tools, and terrible children’s books. For the house prizes, you can get £50 which is perfect for getting the next round in or for when you arrive in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, but you have to earn it by doing some depraved or embarrassing act, whether that be lap-dancing a cutout cardboard actor, or running around the room doing animal noises.

It was funny, but also so bad that I almost didn’t want to win as I knew I’d have to get my shy self up there and perform! It turns out, I did win! I won the very last prize of the last night on the boat, and almost didn’t want to call out, but I took one for the team! One of us had to win and how can I write this blog post knowing I was too scared to go up and claim my prize?

I was against someone else as we both called at the same time, and the challenge was a dance off! I was so embarrassed, but decided to go for it! We danced together, which while I didn’t show off my (ahem) moves, did make it easier to get through! We both ended up winning, and won 10 more chances to play Bonkers Bingo! A never-ending chance for hilarity and humiliation!

The Cruise

The boat had everything needed for entertainment; bars, restaurants, a cinema, and a show. The service on board and level of care was great. Honestly, I’m not sure what I expected for our room, but romantic trip it is not! We had twin beds in a yellow room and it just wasn’t a great place to sleep. However, most people just use it for a sleep between exciting activities. My boyfriend, aka The Princess and the Pea, was less than impressed, but I found it comfortable and it had everything  we needed in a room.

The meal on Friday night was from the carvery on board, where there was plenty of choice for all preferences. It is £19 per person which I found a little pricey for the food we received. However, the second night we really wanted a more exciting meal, so we went to the other restaurant and it was just incredible! It is one of the best steaks I’ve ever had and I’ve tried a lot! It’s only around £18 for main meals, and they are such a great upgrade!

I’ve always considered bars on ferries to be expensive, but prices were fair, and the bars had a great atmosphere. The band were great and the singer was fantastic, so they provided good entertainment in the evening.

We stepped outside, but as we were travelling overnight, it was cold and dark so we couldn’t spend much time out there. However, it was beautiful standing at the edge of the boat, looking out at the waves. I can imagine in Summer this would be the perfect trip and definitely want to get back on a boat as soon as the light evenings are back.


Not only did we get two fun night of drinks, food and games, but we also got some time in Amsterdam! Visiting such a great city for only a few hours was bound to result in missing some things, but we embraced the fact that we wouldn’t have long and just relaxed, saw a few sights, went on a boat tour and had some great beers in a cute pub where the Welsh rugby was on! My favourite part of exploring any new place is not so much the attractions, but the wandering around exploring. I think you really see. place for what it is when you do that, and I definitely loved Amsterdam! The first time I went was 10 years ago, and I didn’t see it in the same way.

I can’t wait to go back! It’s such a beautiful city and home of the original hipster, which is so my thing! Seriously, anything cool we have came from here!

There’ll be a post all about the city soon, but for now just trust that it was totally worth the longest journey!

I enjoyed the minicruise, but would definitely prefer it in Summer, and think that its a long journey to see a new place, so is possibly not the best way to go to Amsterdam. However, if you want a weekend away drinking and having plenty of laughs, with the added bonus of visiting a city abroad, this is a great way to do it!

Have you ever been on a minicruise? What did you like most about it? Like Bingo or never played?

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