Complexion Perfection with Exfoliate My Skin Natural Face Mask

Natural skincare is becoming more and more popular now that we’ve realised what goes into our usual products. With more people steering away from well-known brands that seem to be taking ethics less seriously than they should, and the idea of using less chemicals on our faces and bodies, smaller companies are stepping in.

I’ve tried quite a lot of natural skincare products and while usually happy enough with results and the fact that I have managed to avoid a chemical invasion on my face, some products can be really lacking. It’s no good feeling good about using a product if it does nothing for you.

Exfoliate My Skin

Exfoliate My Skin are an independent company based in Scotland that have one product currently in their store; Pink Clay Natural Face Mask. They claim the mask exfoliates, cleanses and purifies any skin type.

Exfoliate My Skin Face Mask

The face mask arrives in a cute, clear plastic tub with a minimalist label. I was surprised that it was a powder as haven’t used powder face mask before, and I had no idea what to do with it! (Full instructions are actually on the website) I mixed the pretty pink powder (which is so hard to show you in photos because hi where’s daylight gone?) with some water in a small dish using the application brush and it turned into brown mush! I plastered it on my face and waited the ten minutes it took to fully dry. The lumpy oatmeal mix wasn’t a good look!  When drying, my face felt really stiff, like when you get your face painted as a child, which is a feeling I really don’t like, but no pain no gain, hey!



Ever the cynic, I can’t say I expected too much from this mask. It seemed like Instagram hype if anything from a new brand. As I removed it, I expected my skin to feel a bit nicer than before, but no miracle results. However, I couldn’t stop checking and touching my face to make sure I wasn’t wrong. My skin felt and looked amazing! I attempted to take a picture, but it’s difficult to see how much my skin actually glowed and also I need to not be a dark-ish yellow-lit room for anything to show up  – can anyone recommend a ring light set up?

Exfoliating skincare is always good for my dry skin, but it feels like a whole skincare routine in one!

I used way too much product, yet it was barely noticeable from the tub. The tub lasts up to 2 years from purchase and I can almost guarantee it’ll take me all year at least to work through it. The fact that it’s made of completely natural ingredients and is certified as cruelty free makes it even more appealing and means that the product can be used by everyone.

For only £14.99 and for how long it will last, I think it’s definitely worth the price. I wish I could let everyone try mine!

Have you ever used a powder face mask? Do you prefer natural ingredients in your products?