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  1. Honey says

    I was never religious follower of that show, but I loved all episodes that I did watch. I think that people nowadays are too sensitive (maybe a bad term) and offended by basically everything. Examples you stated here are generalizing so I don’t think it’s bad that Ross wanted Ben to play with let’s say cars over dolls. It’s normal. I didn’t watch that exact episode so I can’t tell what happens. Having a male nanny is also something more unusual than having female one so I get that too. You know? I honestly think that having diversities in a show just for them to be different and nobody would get pissed off is unnecessary and stupid (I’ll explain this more in one of my upcoming posts).
    Anyhow, to conclude this – people need to chill and not take everything so personal. Not everyone is your enemy.
    I loved this post, by the way 😀

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

    • Tina says

      Thanks! I know what you mean, the more unusual things are the ones that people in real life would react to, so it makes sense to have a character react to them. I would personally let my children play with anything they like, but agree that you’d likely be more inclined to give a boy a car over a doll, etc. I think the show did great at showing different types of people. x

  2. Rosie says

    I was a huge Friends fan back int he day and am shocked that people find it offensive these days. However, when I think about it, I could easily look back at TV shows from the 70s and be shocked by the content programme writers managed to get away with so maybe it’s just that times have changed and let us behind. On the other hand, I agree with the points you’ve made above wholeheartedly and I certainly won’t boycott it x

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