Let’s become a team! #TeaIsForTeam

Just a quick post, but this Sunday, the first Time for Tea newsletter is coming out! You can sign up at the bottom of this page! (hint or just plain asking?)

It’s going to be in your inbox every Sunday, with tips, inspiration, great reads, and be a working project between us all! I want this be a year of improvement, not just for myself, but for you too. We can do mini challenges, share each others posts and support each other in any way we can.

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding it a bit sad how easy people will tear each other down. In light of sharing my ‘wisdom’ on how to not get dragged down by it all, I have created a hashtag too! I think everyone needs to work more as a team, and so the hashtag #TeaIsForTeam seemed appropriate! It would be cool if at least a few people use it! 

Use it in your social media posts for shares and so that we can all follow each other. This hashtag isn’t just for the bloggers among us, but anyone who wants to join our team! Let’s make 2018 great together!

Share your achievements, tag me in posts so I can add some to the newsletter, I want to make it as collaborative as possible because I think we could all do with a little support now and then.

Hope you’ve had a great start to the year!

P.S. Sign up below to join the team!