5 Reasons To Book A Last Minute Holiday

Have you been wanting a holiday, but not been sure when to go or where to visit? Is it hard deciding when you’ll be free enough to go? If you’ve left it last minute, why not take a look at last minute holidays and see if you can squeeze something in? You can even leave tomorrow for some!

Last minute holidays are perfect for busy people. Working around a schedule can be tough, but when you have time off and fancy a trip, you could easily go off to a new destination for a few days.

5 reasons to go on a last minute holiday

reasons for last minute holiday

1. Save money

Last minute holidays are an absolute bargain! Some aren’t even all that last minute either. You can look at holidays for the next few months and usually get a great deal on anything from a bargain beach hol to even the most luxurious of trips. I’m currently eyeing up a holiday to Portugal for under £80!

2. Visit somewhere new

Do you ever wonder where you’d like to go next, but have nowhere in mind? Last minute holiday searches can show you places you never would have thought to visit. My last, last minute holiday took me to Hungary which I hadn’t even thought about before, as it was only £109 for 6 days.

3. Spontaneity

With many of us having full time jobs, families, and busy lives, it can be all become a bit too routine and boring. Add some excitement by doing something wild and booking that great holiday deal in the final moment! It also means you have less time to plan an itinerary and will relax more about what you’re doing, especially because it’s so cheap, you can go again!

4. Flexibility

It doesn’t seem like last minute holidays would be all that flexible, but actually, I find them more so, as you can always upgrade your hotel options or fly on a different day and it won’t break the bank because the rest is so low cost.

5. Less time to wait once booked

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got very used to this world we live in of having everything right now. It’s terrible, I know. But also great! Why spend 8 months gearing up for your holiday, when you can do a last minute dash for holiday clothing and be on the plane in a matter of weeks?

Have you ever booked a last minute holiday? Where did you go and what made you book it last minute?

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5 Reasons Last Minute Holiday

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with holidaygems.co.uk, all wording and ideas are my own.