Blog Goals 2018

Yesterday I shared my lifestyle goals for 2018, and while writing, I thought it was about time I thought more about my blog goals for the year. I’ve been writing them down elsewhere, but if they’re here, on this here internet, I’m a bit more accountable, aren’t I?

This blog has been my favourite hobby for the past few years, somewhere I can air my thoughts, tell you about all of my discoveries and what I’m up to. This year though, I want it to be a little more focused. I want actual blog goals to help with this. Because I write about anything and everything, it becomes almost overwhelming to post because I have 20 ideas at once so end up posting nothing! This year I’m going to focus the blog on why I originally started it. As a guide to living a better life without having to have loads of money or resources. How to look after yourself when you have no idea where to start. To give honest reviews of products so you know that whenever you need a real review to help you make a decision, you can come over here! And to make sure I keep track of life as it is now, because one day, I want to look back on all of this and reminisce or cringe!

With the above in mind, I’m going to be doing some blogging projects throughout the year that I’d love you to join me on to help us all live better, but will also always add my own personal touch and things I go through that anyone can relate to.

This year, I have some blog goals, which I have never taken all that seriously. I won’t be too strict or rigid because the thing I like about my blog is that it’s honest and in the moment, but I will use this as a guide for direction this year.

Blog Goals

Take the blog more seriously

While I don’t want to become a bore, and I’ll never be a scheduled and organised blogging pro, I’d like to start taking it a bit more seriously. I’m proud of what my blog has become, but I think if I treat this blog a bit more responsibly, it will motivate me when it comes to offline life too.

Start a YouTube channel

This one scares the life out of me, but I’ve been talking about it for to long now and think I just have to try it! Some things just don’t work in writing the way they will on video. I haven’t quite decided on the type of content yet, I’m torn between so many things, but I have some ideas brewing! My YouTube preferences go from conspiracy theories, political rants, hot topics, vlogs, makeup and hair tutorials, and whatever else I come across that’s fun, so I’m sure whatever I do, it’ll be an interesting mix!

Start a newsletter

This is happening! Subscribe below! If you’ve already subscribed to the blog elsewhere, I’m sorry, but it isn’t linked so please fill in your email address at the bottom of this page for some weekly inbox delights! I don’t want this newsletter to be a clone of others, so have been working on the type of content I want to share and what makes it different, so hopefully you’ll see that when you receive it. It won’t necessarily be about me, but will be about us. You and me and how we can conquer 2018 together!

Be more consistent

Forever a struggle! Anyone who follows me knows how it goes – 5 posts in a row daily then nothing for weeks. I will never be the most structured person, and am not going to pretend that I will have blog posts on certain days as this blog is very much a record of my ramblings, but I will try at least.

Schedule social media posts

Again, I live in the moment alright! I really do want people to read my shit, so should probably start putting it out there again.

Do an Instagram challenge

I want to take part in one properly, and create my own. I also want to start posting on Instagram every day, as I definitely take pictures every day. I’m going to be bit more in the moment as when planning posts last year, they either seemed irrelevant by the time I could post or out of place. For example, I have some Christmas posts with no home right now! Is it too late to share?

Grow my following

I’ve been at a bit of a standstill on the blog all year, and while I am happy for followers to just organically grow, I think if I set some goals, it will make me a bit more accountable and ensure I prioritise it.

Other things I’m changing are my comment box, a few tweaks to design, and probably lots of ongoing changes to categories, etc. while I decided on how I want this to go.

What are your plans for your blog this year? Or will you continue as you were?

P.S. Sign up to the newsletter below! 🙂