Changes To Make In 2018

Here comes the classic post about all the things I want to achieve and changes I want to make in 2018!

I could have called this post ‘Resolutions’, but like, how cliche is that?!

How was 2017?

2017 was a bit of a crazy one, with an overwhelming amount of changes, too many life issues, and a constant battle if I’m honest. By the end of the year, everything had turned around a bit, but it was honestly the most difficult year of my life.

I’m not usually one to air everything online, but I previously talked about being more open and honest on this blog, as believe it might help others going through anything similar, and hate to pretend life is perfect on screen when everything behind the scenes is falling apart.

Some great things happened in 2017!

  • I saw my Dad for the first time in years
  • Two cousins had a baby – separately! There are two babies in two very separate relationships
  • I bought a flat
  • I got a job I love
  • I got a kitten
  • I got to spend days in the sun due to unemployment!
  • I made some great new friends and spent time with the ones I had

Some not so great things happened too.

  • I got made redundant
  • I broke up with my boyfriend – now together, that’s a story for another day!
  • I was constantly stressed due to the above
  • I lost some close friends – they’re not dead, just dicks.

(Weirdly, I can’t think of the bad parts as much now! Which is a good thing I guess)

I don’t know if it was just the constant pressure and stress of the things mentioned, but once one thing happened, it was like a constant barrage throughout the year. One thing after another, one argument after another, and one rejection after another.

For half of the year I seemed to be battling, but for the second half, I finally pulled it back a bit and have come into 2018 with a fresh perspective and determination to not have another year like it. If I could Eternal Sunshine 2017 out of mind, I’d be tempted, but live and learn I guess.

I think despite so many great things happening, I was really unhappy last year. Obviously, this year, I want it to be much better, and I think I know how I can make that happen! I always mock the whole New Years Resolution thing, but actually, we all need to take a step back sometimes and decide how to go forward, so what better time than when everyone else is doing the same and giving you motivation envy? I actually started changing some of the things below in 2017, but want to continue and add more in 2018.

Some 2017 highlights – not including pictures with others! Apparently from these pics, this is the year I began to love Prosecco too!

Changes to make in 2018

Eat more healthily & lose weight.

I’m sure I said this last year, and probably every year since 2010, but I really want to lose 3 stone, and I won’t do it the way I’ve been living. I never thought of myself as an emotional eater, but I am emotionally lazy and have been so drained, I’ve made bad lifestyle choices. I need to eat more healthily and do some bloody exercise! I started Yoga last year and want to continue as for the few days I did it, I felt great, so doing that regularly can be added here too!

Learn Welsh & Spanish

I was doing so well with both when I wasn’t working, but for some reason I don’t spend time on it anymore. I want to be able to have a conversation in each language by the end of the year. I also want to learn Dutch, but baby steps!

Run 5k

This might be teeny to some people – is it? I don’t know. But I cannot run a minute without hating life. However, I know I’ll feel good once I’ve managed it! Tempted to sign up to a race to get me moving, but I’ll think about that another day!

Take on a new challenge each month

This is something I want to do rather than change, but I want to challenge myself to do something completely new to me every month. I’m thinking things I would normally shy away from, like public speaking, running, or starting a YouTube channel. Feel free to send suggestions!

Go on holiday

This one shouldn’t be so hard, but something gets in the way of me going away so often, it’s almost like a curse. No matter what the circumstances this year, I will be having a proper holiday or three!

Go on more weekends away

I have been on the odd weekend away over the past year, and definitely need to do it more often.

Learn to drive

This one follows me around – why haven’t I done this yet? I promise this year you will see pics of me behind the wheel!

Learn more coding

I used to teach myself coding quite a bit, but have slacked off lately and need to get back to it.

Read more

Forever on the list! Last year I challenged myself to read 20 books in the year, but that was an impossible task. I have read like 2, if that! This year, I’m going to say 10.

Keep a side hustle going

I quite like the idea of not relying solely on my main job. Although that will always take priority, I’m not here for just one stream of income.

Sleep more

It’s currently 4am and I feel no sign of being tired as have so much I want to do, like write this post! I definitely need to try and sleep more regularly, as I actually use my mind in work, and you can see it on my face when I haven’t had any. I’m aging slowly, I don’t need that!

Work hard

So far in my job, I really have been working hard and trying to get things done well, but this year I want to focus on my career even more and take as much as I can from what I’m doing, learn more along the way and give my everything. It’s easy to focus on the wrong things and this year I want to push myself even harder.

Enjoy my relationship

Life got hard for us last year, and it’s no secret that we weren’t sure where we would be by now, but this year I really want to enjoy my relationship and everything about it. I feel lucky to have someone like that in my life (mostly!) so I want to make sure I manage to appreciate that.

Visit people more

I want to make sure we are seeing friends and family more and making an effort to visit and spend time with them. There are some friend’s houses I haven’t been to yet because they live bloody miles away, but that’s no excuse and I would travel the world to see them, so it’s about time I put my thoughts and my missing them into action.

Save money

How average and typical are this years goals? I really need to start saving better as have a partner that’s great at it and he’s showing me up! I am lucky enough to have an income where I could put away a bit each month so that’s what I’ll be trying to do. I’ve totally wasted money already on silly things, but have bought less material items so I’m optimistic.

De-clutter and buy less

I’ve started this already and feel so much better. I talked about minimalism on the blog last year and how it’s difficult to achieve, but I definitely think I’d benefit from having a less cluttered home. It seems no matter how many times I sort it, there is always more, so I will be having a monthly check in, and big sort out at least seasonally. Also buying less junk would be good as I’m a definite shopaholic, and realising how much I have is worrying.

I’ve joined a Facebook challenge where you throw away something each day and it’s surprising how much motivation that gives you! I’ll be doing something similar on the blog, so let me know if this is something you’d like to take part in!

Put myself first

Bit of an odd one, and I realise I sound so typical, but I honestly think I let myself down last year and probably years previous because I focus on everything but myself. This year I need to be a bit more selfish, as it’s done me no favours not being.

I’m sure I can think of so many more 2018 goals, but these should keep me busy for now! I’ll be posting blog goals in a separate post so look out for that, as well as how to join me on some challenges to make this year better!

What are your 2018 resolutions and goals?