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    • Tina says

      I love the idea of it, but am quite terrible at it! I feel like the stuff I keep I don’t know where to put either, but shall persevere! At least one of you is good at it x

    • Tina says

      Thank you. I’ve actually done so well with the decluttering, but plenty more to go! Flat feels much better though. One thing a day seems so small, but 30 things throughout the month is great and makes such a difference.

  1. Tina says

    Haha I think I might have it still on my list in 2019 too but I hope not! Tiny changes for the lazy girl that is me 🙂 I had a load of ideas for monthly challenges but am forgetting them! Need to write a list! This month has been making sure I actually do exercise, but I want something that’s crazy and different rather than a lifestyle change 🙂
    It is definitely fun to have a list and see where I went right and wrong last year xx

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