20 Thoughts I Had While Watching ‘A Christmas Prince’

If you have Netflix, you may have noticed the new film, A Christmas Prince, pop up on your options. The movie has gained popularity for being so bad it’s good in a number of online publications and on social media, so of course I had to watch it and judge for myself!

Image Source: Netflix

The story is your typical romance, with the protagonist getting the journalistic opportunity of a lifetime by being sent off to Aldovia to interview the Prince.

There are no major spoilers here, but if you’re planning on watching the film, maybe wait to read the post.

Here are some thoughts I had while watching…

A Christmas Prince

  1. Amber knew about the Prince of Aldovia without having to go away and research.
  2. Where the fuck is Aldovia? (It’s not real, guys!)
  3. Oh a dead parent…is this you, Disney?
  4. “Can you believe that guy?” – this instantly means she’ll end up loving him, surely?
  5. “He’s not my type.” Oh they’re definitely going to end up together!
  6. Christmas decorations in every shot, just in case we forget this is a Christmas film.
  7. All people in black coats, except our protagonist. Ooh she’s so out of place here! #symbolism
  8. People talking to themselves to bring the story along is my film pet peeve!
  9. This girl walks while taking photos? She’s not stopping! Terrible journalism. She couldn’t blog!
  10. If a story is bad, just use emotional music to make people feel things!
  11. She has terrible style, soz! Bet she gets a makeover.
  12. As if you’d wear Converse in a palace for a Christmas celebration!
  13. Her journalism style is between Carrie Bradshaw and Rory Gilmore. Non important questions in an important tone.
  14. In films, people always fall on top of each other. Does this ever happen in real life? I got squashed at a gig once?
  15. She’s a terrible note-maker. Note to self: Write basic note to self.
  16. A New York girl can ride a horse? I’m not having it! I could barely climb a carousel at the Christmas Market the other day!
  17. Pretty sure a trained horse wouldn’t act the way this horse just did.
  18. Haha, omg a wolf in the woods! Beauuuty and the Beast!
  19. Girl is downing that whisky!
  20. It still made me tear up. I am incapable of coping with any sort of emotion in films now it seems.

After watching, I have to agree that it’s pretty simplistic, but is still definitely a feel-good, kinda Christmassy film, so worth a watch when you want something easy watching and fun.

Have you seen it? Let me know if you had any of these thoughts.
Any Christmas film recommendations? Leave them below!