How to Enjoy Manchester in 27 Hours

One weekend in September (timely as always here!), I went to Manchester for just over a day and did so much that I thought it was worth sharing how much you can enjoy the city in such a short space of time.

The trip began with an inevitably delayed Megabus, but for a £5 journey, I can’t complain too much. That was the more expensive choice as well – fancy I know! 

ALL the food!

We got into Manchester just in time for lunch with my cousins, except I lost them to the wrong lunch spot due to there being three of the same near each other (cities!). We spent the afternoon sipping cocktails and dining at the Slug and Lettuce. The Manchester one (well, one of them!) is so much fancier than others I’ve been to! 2 for 1 cocktails is always a winner too!

We spent all day exploring the pubs, until dinner time where we had THE best meal in Banyan. Have I mentioned how much I love Banyan yet? Yes I have….See here.

So much tasty food. A wonderfully indulgent day!


The hotel!

We stayed in the best hotel! I’m so fussy with things like service and places I stay. I don’t mind a hostel, but the price has to meet the expectations and Motel One outdid itself! I would honestly recommend Motel One anywhere. Again we walked into two different ones so got a chance to see that the level of quality is brand-wide. It’s the one chain hotel I’ve been in that I would actively search for when staying somewhere. I’ll be writing a whole post on the hotel soon though so keep an eye out.
Until then, check out the view from our room!

Comic Con!

Comic Con is something I’ve always wanted to go to! I’m not really the fan type, but I do love some comics and related films and thought it’d be a fun day out. Unfortunately, it was mostly full of stalls and queues, but either way I’m glad I experienced it. If buying comics is your thing, then obviously its perfect, but if you just want to have a look around, it’ll only take a couple of hours.

It does depend on who you want to see though! We saw David Hayter, the X-Men screenwriter and Snake’s voice in Metal Gear Solid (US version) and that was pretty interesting as I knew his work, and love hearing about screenwriting – having studied for a Masters in it. We also saw The Hulk! Lou Ferrigno was behind one of those tables where they charge you far too much money to have a photo with them. That’s something I really don’t love about comic con. The fans made you dammit!

City Strolling!

In between our other activities, we strolled around Manchester city centre, taking in the sights, looking in shops and playing in the fountains. It was so much fun to have some proper time out and relax. Sometimes when at home on weekends, it’s too easy to think about what needs doing, or get on with boring things.

During the day, we stopped by the Hard Rock cafe as I love them, and always want to pop in whenever I see one. We had coffee and looked at the memorabilia surrounding us. It’s not so much the items that make me love the place, but the atmosphere and appreciation of good artists. Oh, and they always play great music too, obviously!

We also went to Selfridges and laughed at some ridiculous designer fashion! Don’t get me wrong, I love designer wear and high fashion, but some of it amazes me.

More food!

On the Sunday morning, we checked out of the hotel early and went off in search of breakfast. We came across a cute cafe and had a full english, because what else! I loved the cafe and would love to go back and try their dinner. Calling it cute makes it sounds small, but once inside it was actually huge. So unexpected.

Later on, we went to one of the cutest places ever for lunch! Need a new word for cute! The food was pretty average, but the place itself was incredible! Albert Schloss had a floral entrance that people would definitely want to stand under for photos! I wish I did! I have noticed they change the theme, so not sure what’s currently there.
The interior decor was beautiful. Wooden pillars and flowers everywhere, as well as comfy scattered cushions makes this one of my new favourite places! There’s also live music most days so it’s definitely a great drinking venue too.


Perfect weekend!

So, I ate my weight in delicious food, finally got to have some proper time out, went to my first comic con, saw my cousins, and explored another city. AND the weather was amazing! Perfect weekend!

From what I’ve heard, December is the perfect time to visit the city, with an ice rink at First Street, the Christmas market, and so many places to go Christmas shopping!

Have you ever been to Manchester? Or do you live there? Where are your favourite spots?