Rebel Without A Cause: The Rebel Inside Me

Does anyone else have an inner rebel that reacts to even the most simple things in life? The rebel inside me seems to think it should do the absolute opposite of anything I decide.

Today’s example…

Every morning and even on weekends (in fact, more easily on weekends!) I get up at around 6-6.30am. This happens without fail and without alarms, and I cannot get back to sleep once up. Last night, I was looking forward to my early start, and decided I was going to put it to good use and not just sit around. Ryan’s away so I probably wouldn’t have my usual make a big breakfast and chat away the morning routine. I wrote a list of things to clean and things to write, pictures to take and how I was going to make the most of the day before I go to a Biscuit Decorating class (wild Saturday!) with some of the loveliest girls this evening.

Well, I woke up at 6am, laid in bed on my phone for a while. Then felt tired and actually went back to sleep! I woke up again around 8.30am, which was still fine. Then I read, scrolled endlessly on my phone, played with the cat and finally began my morning at 10.30am. It’s me making the choices, but it’s like the rebel inside has taken over. That’s fine, and not bad for a Saturday, but if I had nothing planned I can guarantee I would have been up much earlier with nothing to do.

More examples…

Morning story aside…this happens with everything!
I tell myself I’m going to have a productive day and it becomes the laziest day I’ve ever had.
I say I’m going to eat healthily this week, and it becomes a gluttonous week full of takeaways and chocolate.
I’m determined I’m going to look tidy in work all week for once, and end up rushing around and looking a state.
I decide I will actually be early for something, and I’m ridiculously late or something happens to make me late.

rebel inside always late

Obviously, sometimes I do manage all the great things, but it’s usually when I don’t expect it. I also manage to do everything I need to work-wise. I think I’m possibly far more relaxed when it comes to my personal life, which is great for balance, but not for getting anything done! If I treated this blog like work, which I think I might have to start doing if I want to continue it, I’d probably manage to post regularly. But I’m so easy on myself!

It’s easy to give up when the first task is missed or goes wrong, but this morning I forced myself to work through my list anyway and I still did pretty well, so from now on, if I know I won’t quite manage everything, I won’t give up and call it a day, I’ll work through what I can anyway. I still managed to get quite a bit done despite my 4 hour delay today.

I know I can’t be the only one with this rebel inside me that goes against all of my good choices. What does your inner rebel make you do? How do you stop it?