TONYMOLY ‘I’m Real’ Seaweeds Skin Purifying Mask Sheet

Well that title is a mouthful, but that’s what I’m reviewing, the TONYMOLY I’m Real Seaweeds Mask Sheet – Skin Purifying. 

Let’s start with the bias here. I looove mask sheets! They’re so much easier to use, less messy, just stick it on your face and continue with what you were doing.

As for this one, which I’m no longer writing the name of, it was a nice little treat.

First off, the packaging is really cute and I can imagine this would be a great little gift amongst other pamper goodies. I love that it’s shaped and some thought has gone into it.

The mask itself stuck pretty well, but did slip a bit, especially around the chin even though I actually kept my mouth shut for once. I think they’re all likely to do that a bit though.

In all honesty, I didn’t think this mask was anything spectacular. It may well have purified my skin, and I felt a bit fresher for having done it, but it didn’t wow me. One thing I did love is it was really hydrating, but again not any more than any other sheet mask – one that might work better for my skin in other ways too.

I’d use it again as they’re pretty low priced (around £2-3) compared to the ones I’ve loved, but it probably wouldn’t be my first choice. If you want something hydrating and moisturising and have never tried a sheet mask before, I’d definitely recommend trying it before going for the more expensive ones. It’s a nice treat and definitely makes you feel fresh faced, which should be enough to satisfy most people. I personally was just underwhelmed with this one. Other customer reviews on the likes of Amazon, etc. are really positive so it’s possible that I’m being too fussy!

Have you tried any TONYMOLY sheet masks? What’s your favourite mask?