The Brand That Saved My Skin – Caudalie VineActiv Collection

A while ago (okay months ago), I met with Cia from Caudalie to discuss their newest skincare range, The VineActiv Collection. I had only ever tried the Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask and was interested to hear more about their products. Nothing could have prepared me for the passion I was met with by Cia, who not only came all the way from London to meet some Leeds bloggers, but knew the products inside out and really got me looking forward to try them.

Who are Caudalie?

Caudalie is an ethical, natural skincare brand that started at a vineyard in France. The vine and grapes possess powers for the skin and have been developed into the unique products that Caudalie provide today. You can find out more about the story of the brand on their website. Caudalie are an ethical brand that gives back too, which you can also find out about here.

What is Caudalie VineActiv?

VineActiv is designed for women on the go who want to maintain a healthy glow. Hi, that’s me! According to research, by the age of 33, our skin’s natural defence system is weakened due to hectic lives and leaves us looking ever so slightly more dull! I’m always told I look younger than I am and I’d like to keep it that way, so any product that acts as a defence is going to be welcomed by me, especially now that I’m 30!

I’m lucky that I thought ahead and always cared for my skin when younger, and have managed to retain a bit of a youthful look. However, recently, due to the stress of life, living in the city for years and doing actual manual labour in the new flat, my skin has been suffering, more dry than usual and looking really dull.

Caudalie’s newest patented formula is Anti-Cell Burnout Complex, which defends the skin cells and increases protection against antioxidant stress. I’d never thought of it before, but a layer of protection, rather than just covering the problems, definitely makes sense when caring for your skin.

Well travelled bottle, hence the marks!


Products I tried:

Glow Activating Anti-Wrinkle Serum: 30ml (£36)
3 in 1 Moisturiser: 40ml (£32)
Energising and Smoothing Eye Cream: 15ml (£27.50)
Overnight Detox Oil 30ml (£30)


The packaging of these products deserves it’s very own section in this post because it’s beautiful. The boxes matched the products inside, and they look great sitting in my bathroom. The serum and oil bottles are a good weight, with the overnight oil coming in a glass container.  The serum pump also works really well, and produces a small amount of serum so makes no mess. The eye cream has a long tube so you can easily use it directly on your skin. Everything about the Caudalie VineActiv range says luxury product just upon looking.

Using the Products

I used the new products straight away, and it was the only skincare I took with me when I went away for weeks to Bristol and Wales so I got good use out of them before writing this. I always like to give products a really good go before writing about them so that I can give more honest opinions and have now been using these for months as I don’t want to switch!

All products are easy to use, and the skincare routine isn’t at all overwhelming. A tiny amount of product goes a long way so these products last a while. I’ve been using them almost every day for at least two months and still seem to have loads left.

The creams become gel like when massaged in and are really moisturising. My skin felt smoother straight away when using the Serum, Moisturiser and Eye Cream. The overnight oil was the product I was most wary of because I find a lot of oils drying on my skin, but this one is completely moisturising and complements the other products.

The scent of the products is fresh and a possibly a bit fruity. I’m terrible at describing scents, but it’s not at all overbearing and has that high end product fragrance – this makes sense, right?


Oh. My. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my skin has been transformed! Just to test the products even more, while in Wales, staying on top of a mountain, I was subjected to sun, rain, wind and snow (actually happened all in one day once!). Yet still my skin has never felt better. On days I didn’t wear makeup, I had a healthy glow, something that I thought was just skincare salesperson speak. I really did have a glow! When I did wear makeup, it went on much easier than usual as I didn’t have dry skin to deal with first. I’ve had an ongoing issue with foundation seeming to flake on my skin, but it stopped from day one of using these products. If you follow my blog and read regularly, you will see many a moisturiser post as it was always something I needed lots of, but I no longer feel like a dehydrated skin sufferer.

I feel fresher and like my skin has woken up. No more dull and tired looking skin and I believe it really protected my skin against all elements and other affecting factors.

Final thoughts

I am an absolute convert! The fact that the product is light enough for warmer months, but has the protection needed for colder months has sold it even further for me. I can’t believe I didn’t try these earlier, but am so thankful I’ve been introduced to the brand.

The products are a bit more expensive than I would usually go for, but the reason I have not purchased high end as often is because I haven’t found anything worth the extra. Caudalie VineActiv definitely is in my opinion. It really has made all the difference to my skin. I’ve had a friend try it too, who didn’t know anything about it, and the next day asked for more information as her skin felt so much smoother and softer.

Have you tried Caudalie? What are your go-to skincare products?

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Disclaimer: I was given these products to try with no obligation to post about them. All opinions are my own. However, I am sorry it took me so long to share!