Why I Charge For Blog Advertising

In a perfect world I would be able to share all of the amazing bloggers I come across with all of my followers. However, that would get tiresome and boring pretty fast for my readers.

I’ve come across people talking about others charging for blog advertising, and while we don’t have to justify our decisions when it comes to our own websites, I do feel the need to tell people why myself and others may charge for blog advertising.

I thought about using some sidebar space for larger companies or affiliates, and have done a bit, but the websites I really want to support and promote are fellow bloggers and small businesses. I used to have the odd small business there, but always felt unfair. I was going to put a tweet out and offer to advertise for free. However, everyone loves a freebie and I’m not sure I could have chosen only a few to feature. I would feel guilty leaving some out or having to choose people. Instead, I decided to charge a really low price for anyone who chose to advertise with me. It gets me hardly any money to be honest, but means I don’t have to make the choices myself and with promoting tweets, writing up a blog post with my advertisers, and placing them all in the sidebar, it’s just a little something for my time I guess. I certainly won’t get rich when the most I can make from it is £24 a month!

Another reason is, blogs cost money! It costs to host your website, to buy your domain, to buy anything needed in order to continue blogging. It’s an expensive hobby! So if you can do something to try and earn some, then why not? Why are people still so caught up on bloggers making money? Being featured on any other type of website would cost loads!

I will always promote others if they have written a great post, or have a great Insta feed, or I just generally like something they do. Anyone who follows me on social media is probably aware of this, but something a little further like advertising is great! I not only get to talk about some great bloggers and small businesses, but it makes me more aware of them too. It’s a reminder to check their new posts, read their tweets and follow them more closely, and I’ve really loved that side of it!

So next time someone mentions people charging for some blog love, show them this post and let them know it’s still definitely a labour of love!

What do you think of blog advertising? Do you have other reasons for offering or taking up advertising slots? Don’t worry, no offence taken in comments, just open discussion.


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  • I’d love to start offering advertising with my blog! It’s such a great way for bloggers to gain exposure / earn that tiny bit of extra cash. Thanks for sharing this post with us 🙂 xx

    • Tina

      Thanks for your comment! Exactly, it’s definitely a mutual thing I feel. You should try it! Xx

  • I’ve seen a lot of blogs start offering paid advertisement the past few months. I think it’s a pretty cool idea 🙂 Definitely an awesome way to get small blogs out there to bigger blogs’ following. I say go for it!

    • Tina

      Yeah definitely! It’s not really worth it in money terms, as I said, but I like the idea xx

  • Seriously, for the price you put out, you don’t need to explain yourself. Of course that it would be extremely hard to choose some bloggers and there would be a lot of jealousy and hate behind it haha I think you made a good decision. I’m waiting for the time I’ll pay you for that earring holder so I could throw in some more money for advertisement 🙂

    xo Honey – blog Royal LifestyleTwitterInstagram

    • Tina

      Thank you so much! I saw a lot of discussion on it so thought it was worth saying. It’s coming! You’re in my amazon list and I finally am able to make the order 🙂 and after this long wait, it’s a present 🙂 I also have been gathering little gifts on my travels for you! xx