6 Easy Ways To Support Bloggers

Whether you blog yourself or love to read blogs, support is something that is really appreciated when it comes to blogging. Most bloggers put their all into their websites and content and do it purely for the love of it. That being said, blogging can get disheartening sometimes, it can get expensive, and it certainly takes up a lot of time!¬† It’s a full time job for most, but without the full time wage.

How to support bloggers.

You can support bloggers in loads of ways. Just being there and reading the content is enough support for anyone, but there are a few ways that will benefit bloggers even more. It takes no time at all and could really help the person whose content you love to read!

1. Read the blog and engage.

The obvious first. If you like someone’s content, let them know! After spending 4 hours writing up a post, a comment can make it all seem worth it! Long and thoughtful comments are amazing, but even just a quick ‘Loved this post!’ is great.

2. Share posts.

If you’ve enjoyed a post, chances are that people who follow you will too. Why not share the post for others to see? Also, any content shared will be noticed by the writer and they’ll keep writing similar material.

3. Link to them.

If you have a blog post inspired by another, link back to that blog. It’s courteous and you get a chance to support each other. They’ll likely come and check out your post and maybe share it too.

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4. Click links.

I’ve known people to actually avoid links within pages, but if you just click them, the blogger may earn a couple of pennies (literally pennies btw!). Most of them you don’t even have to buy the product so why not take a look at what the blogger thinks is worth sharing. Blog posts are too much effort for links to be there for the sake of it.

5. Check out their ads.

A lot of blogs have sidebar ads. They can be for other blogs or businesses, but again, they wouldn’t be shared unless worthy and relevant¬†(on most blogs)¬†so could be worth checking out. They help your fave bloggers look good too!

6. Support their hustle.

We all work hard, but it’s not always possible to support someone in their full time job. However, some bloggers have businesses, write books, have YouTube channels. If you like their blog and personality, you’ll probably like what else they do. Whether it’s making purchases, or sharing their business with others, any support will be massively appreciated for someone working so hard on their content as well as other things.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”

With the above in mind, please leave your links below for others to check out! It would be great if we got some sharing out of this.

What else do you do or could people do to support their favourite bloggers?