Easy Meal Ideas: Low Calorie Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles

Having never liked sauces or noodle dishes, my world was changed in uni when the halls canteen served me sweet chilli chicken noodles! They’re now a regular meal for me, especially when I need something quick and easy. You can see how to make them below. It’s super easy, but maybe not something you’d think of making.

Usually I use egg noodles that come in at almost 200 calories a portion and with chicken, it quickly adds up! However, recently I was sent some Now Slim noodles that are only 6 calories a portion!

I want to preface this post by saying that I do not endorse diets or slimming products as such, but the odd food switch can be beneficial.

This is a super quick and easy meal idea for busy evenings, or a great lunch! Takes no kitchen skills either and uses only one pan!

Sweet Chilli Chicken Noodles


You can decide your own portion size I’m sure, but 1 chicken breast per person and half a packet of noodles is the standard portion size.

Chicken breasts
Sweet chilli sauce
Bell pepper
Red Onion
Chilli pepper (optional)

You can add any vegetables you like – broccoli tastes great with this.


Chuck it all in a frying pan! Okay, maybe not quite like that…

Season and fry the chicken until mostly cooked.

Add a bit of sweet chilli sauce and coat the chicken.

Add vegetables of choice for a few minutes.

Add noodles to pan and sweet chilli sauce. Stir everything together.

After a few minutes, pop the food into a bowl and enjoy!

Definitely a firm favourite, and with these Now Slim noodles, which taste great and made no difference to my usual choice, the whole meal is only around 175 calories! You can buy them in most supermarkets for £2.99 or on the website.

Have you tried sweet chilli chicken noodles? What do you like to make with noodles? And which is your favourite stir fry sauce?  Inspire me!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Now Slim, but ideas, content, and opinions are my own.