Meet The Advertisers: July 2017

Last month, I introduced advertising on the blog, and loved going back to each every advertiser’s blog or business, and having a good read.

This month, we’ve got a couple of small businesses and some blogs and I’m so excited by them!
Interior lovers are going to love the businesses! And the blogs are such great reads that you’ll end up clicking around for a while!

Meet the Advertisers

Laurel and Yew

Back for a second month, and I’ve been really enjoying the interior and home advice offered by Laurel and Yew!

Laurel and Yew is an interior design company that empowers people to embrace intentional living and design their spaces around their lives. They do that through a mixture of consultancy services (where they design for you), and informative materials that are easy to follow and applicable. They support other businesses which make or sell sustainable options for the home such as up-cycled furniture, recycled materials or even antiques, and traditional craftmanship.

They also have a social mission: helping to reduce youth unemployment in our local area, Croydon, which is one of the areas in London where it’s the highest.

Check out: Country Houses Around The World

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Boxes & Swatches

Boxes & Swatches is a beauty bargain and subscription box blog. If you never know which box to try, the honest reviews will help you get an idea of which ones would suit you. I love the idea of a dedicated blog for these kind of posts.

There are some subscriptions I haven’t heard of that I’m considering now, such as the So Susan box – I’ve tried some So Susan and love their beauty products!

The Instagram for Boxes & Swatches is full of great beauty flatlays and product lust too so definitely check it out!

Check out: So Susan Lip Love Review

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Honey Bee Home

Honey Bee Home is a new online home accessories boutique and its aim is to add luxury detail to your living space.

Honey Bee believe that small home decor tweaks can make a big difference. Born out of a passion for creating beautiful spaces, you’ll find a carefully curated collection of home accessories, ready for any new home.

The range of home accessories are perfect for upgrading your bedroom or living space and creating your own personal interior style.

I love the products so far and am so excited to see this business grow!

Check out: Favourites from the range

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The Undateable Girl’s Diary

Hailey Jade Ryan, in her words, is an undateable girl. I don’t believe her though because she’s actually amazing! I’m a regular reader of Hailey’s blog and her posts are both hilarious and relatable. If you like list posts on anything from dating to travel, you’ll love this blog! From great travel inspiration to fab photography and fun tips, it’s one of those great websites that you can get lost on for a while.

I also really love the idea of having a bucket list on the blog, which keeps you kind of accountable and is a great source of motivation.

Check out: How You Make Me Lose Interest in a Guy

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So that’s all of my advertisers for this month! I really hope you’ll check them out as I genuinely love each and every one! If you’d like a space in future, you can find more details HERE.

Thanks for reading, and a MASSIVE special thanks to my advertisers!