How To Style A Desk That Will Make You More Productive 

Having a workspace is so important to me, as it allows me to separate relaxing and work. If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I’m really excited to show off my new desk!

Over the last few years in rental properties, I’ve had to make do with furniture that wasn’t quite suited to my needs, and I feel like a desk is a personal choice, depending on what you’ll be using it for. I’ve been looking for months for the perfect office desk so that I can finally stop using my bed or the sofa as my office!

Having a designated and well-styled workspace does wonders for productivity so I wanted to show you how to style a desk that will make you more productive.

This is a long read, so grab a hot drink and get all inspired! Or just look at the pictures…


I know it’s easier said than done, but decluttering your workspace will make you 1548596 times more productive! Fact! Okay, I may have exaggerated, but taking everything off your desk and starting again is the perfect way to create your ideal space. A tidy desk is the best way to make sure you stay focused on the task at hand.

Keep The Area Well Lit

Well lit workspaces keep your mind active and help stave off that mid-afternoon slump. One thing I’m definitely missing is a copper lamp, but I’m still looking for the perfect one! I have situated my desk in a room with a large window and have  a standing lamp above it for the evenings.

Make It Practical

I wanted my new desk to be large enough for me to spread out, as I always have a few things going on a once and definitely make a massive mess while working! (Don’t let these pictures fool you!) The other requirements were white – for minimalistic beauty and a great flatlay base! – and to have some storage to keep notebooks, because I use some daily and like to keep them accessible.

You will be more productive when feeling inspired by your surroundings, so it only figures that if you style your desk in a way that makes you happy, you’ll get more done. However, even the most beautifully styled desk needs to be practical for your needs. It’s no good having a workspace that doesn’t work for you. Do you need storage? Do you like to be surrounded by cute prints? What makes you feel good? Think about what you need before you go about styling your desk.

Make It Pretty

While not a necessity for everyone, I feel better when surrounded by things I love. It could be a framed picture of your cat, an award you’ve received or simply a few desk accessories.

I already owned most of the accessories featured and wanted to show you how to create a workspace that can be pretty as well as practical.

You can find accessories to suit your style in some surprising places and they don’t have to cost loads. Primark and supermarkets have really upped their homewares game, and most high street shops have a good homewares section. TK Maxx is my absolute fave for pieces that I haven’t seen elsewhere and it has the best range of notebooks! They also sell fancy candles at a fraction of the usual price! You know, the types you don’t actually burn.

The  small copper accessories are the strangest find for me as I saw them at The Card Shop for bargain prices! They were both under £5 and I adore them! I’ve always wanted a calendar like this, but never found one I liked enough. (I’ve now realised they’re a total pain to change each day, but look how cute it is!)

The little buddha is from Poundland (bargain!) and is one of my favourite ornaments! Silly as it sounds, it’s a reminder to stay calm while working away at the desk. All about that zen life!

Keep Everything In It’s Place

A desk has to be functional as well as look good to get me motivated to work. Shelves and drawers are really handy for storage of things that would usually clutter your space. I keep my notebooks on one shelf when not using them to save space and give me room to work. I’ve used empty beauty boxes on the bottom shelf to keep stationery organised and hidden. I thought about keeping folders there, but don’t use them as often and want the desk to only have things that are used often on it. This helps to keep it tidy and functional. I have shelving next to the desk for notebooks and folders that are not used often. Keeping your workspace tidy will make it easier for you to get on with work – clear desk, clear mind!

Let It Inspire You

It’s definitely worth keeping things that inspire you on or around your desk. Whether it’s a picture of someone you admire, or a book by your favourite author. Anything that reminds you of your own goals or just inspires you to push yourself are great for motivation.

Fleur De Force’s book, The Luxe Life, is brilliant and it’s a nice easy glance read, so I’ll pick it up now and then and have a flick through for inspiration. It also goes with my aesthetic and is too pretty to hide, so ya know, it has to live on the desk.

When working on anything, especially blogging, it’s easy for my mind to wander so to keep me focused and inspired, I have kept my Blogosphere magazines on show. Victoria from In The Frow really inspires me so I’ve kept her cover up front!

I’ve also always got my camera to hand in order to upload pictures for the blog so it lives on the desk. Even looking at it makes me want to take more pictures and write more posts!

Use The Walls

To create a more productive workspace, you can make use of the walls too. Cute or motivational prints can do a world of good when you’re feeling fed up with work. Any that make you smile are worthy of a spot. I got this cute ‘Instagram Me’ from Gwennan Rees Illustration on Etsy, and the ‘On Wednesdays We Wear Pink’ from Coconut Lane (20% off whole site with code tina20)

Pin boards and memo boards are really useful for keeping notes or little memories. I have some Welsh items to remind me of home and Croatian hearts sent from Honey at Royal Lifestyle by Honey. My many notes and lists go on the boards so I always know what I have to do. I also use a weekly planner sheet for a brief look at the week’s events and attach this to the pin board.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

There’s nothing more refreshing than nature, so adding a plant or two can really help productivity. Research shows that incorporating plants into a workspace can increase productivity by 15%. Plants and flowers are like feel-good therapy!

The succulents I have here were only £2.50 from Tesco and come in the cute pots, so I’ll still have those when I inevitably kill my plants (I don’t know how I manage to kill succulents and cactus, but I do!).

Get Organised

Planners, notebooks, diaries – whatever makes you feel organised, keep it in an accessible place and actually use it! I know I’m not the only one with a giant stationery collection, but sorting through it and only keeping things you’ll use, and actually using them, will make you feel much better about your workspace.

I personally use a blog planner, daily journal and bullet journal to keep myself in check.

These are the things to keep in mind to style your desk and make you more productive. So far it’s really working for me and I am actually able to keep the desk clutter free because everything has a place. Since setting up the desk, I’ve been non stop sitting at it and getting stuff done!

Did you find this post useful? Do you have your own workspace? Let me know in the comments and feel free to add your own tips for a stylish desk and productive workspace.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. I received this desk as a gift from Kit Out My Office, but all content is my own.

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