How To Create The Perfect Picnic

Last week, my friend was visiting and we had a lovely sunny day, so we decided it was the perfect time to have a picnic. I love picnics! They are the ultimate way to eat on a sunny day! Whether it’s popping to a shop on the way to a park and picking up some ready made sandwiches or treats, to a full blown planned picnic in a basket. One of my most impressive was an antipasti platter style picnic in the park!

This one was no different, thanks to Yorkshire pie makers, Vale of Mowbray. Vale of Mowbray have such a selection of pork pies (I know, unlikely topic for me!) with all types of filling so you’re bound to find a favourite. I personally loved the egg filled pork pie and the mini ones for a quick snack with a cup of tea. The hamper was enormous, so I got to share it with others, but was also slightly regretful that I didn’t just keep it all for myself! I’ve tried other pork pie brands in the past and not been overly keen, so was a bit worried, but I loved these! So much so that I’ve gone and bought some more! This is one of my favourite gifts because I genuinely loved it, discovered a new food I love, and it helped in the making of a great day! If you follow @ValeMowbrayPies on Twitter, you could win your own hamper! Take a look at their #pieface campaign!

Vale of Mowbray pork pie hamper picnic

With plenty of pork pies, prosecco and posh crisps, my friend and I sat in the sun for hours just relaxing. Picnics remind me of being young and going off on days out with the family. I’ve come a long way since ham sandwiches in tupperware, so I thought I’d share how to create the perfect picnic! I think people should go on more picnics, and with it being so warm lately, there’s no excuse not to have one, if only for your Instagram stories!


How to create the perfect picnic

Choose a good spot

This is the biggest decision of the day! Yes, you can move if the sun decides to, but that’s effort. Choose a place with some sun and shade, like near trees, so you can always seek shelter when needed. Also, try to make sure you have a good amount of space. The people with the cute puppy might seem great, but when you open up the food and the dog decides to join you, you might change your mind. A nice view is also a winner!

Hamper or bag

It’s always more fun to bring a picnic basket or nice bag to show off when sitting in your chosen spot. It just makes you feel like you’re doing it right!

Vale of Mowbray pork pie hamper picnic

Such a cute hamper! And filled to the brim!

Picnic blanket

A picnic blanket with some waterproof backing on it is ideal, but any throw or blanket will do. It’ll give you somewhere to sit and not ruin your clothes and you don’t have to worry about dropping food on the floor!


I recently bought a radio and it’s one of my best purchases ever! Music makes everything better and during summer the radio always plays the classics! You can get portable speakers for your phones too, but why waste the battery?

Tip: If you’re using your phone, place it in a bowl or cup and it sounds much better!

Vale of Mowbray pork pie hamper

Everything need for a perfect picnic!


When planning a picnic, I find myself thinking about the food so much, I almost forget drinks. Alcohol can be fun, but I wouldn’t advise drinking too much in the sun! Prosecco is the perfect light drink for me, but water works just as well. If it’s too hot, things like juice aren’t so great. You can also get cocktails in a can, which I find a pretty nice addition to picnic!

Prosecco, magazine and music = perfect day in the sun!


The most important part! Picnic food is the best! Easy food like some sandwiches, pastry, crisps etc are perfect. Don’t bring anything that could melt – coming from a chocoholic, trust me, it’s not worth it! The Vale of Mowbray pork pies were perfect as they stand well in the heat and were perfect to snack on throughout. The hamper box looked great, and it was filled with everything you could possibly need for a picnic!

Vale of Mowbray pork pie hamper

My favourite large pork pie, with egg.


Or as I like to call them, paper plates and cups! It’s always good to remember something to eat and drink from! You can get some great fancy picnic plates, but I’m happy with the good ol’ paper ones – plus no washing up! I’ve also been known to run into a cheap shop in town and buy champagne glasses, because darlings, that’s how you picnic!


As much fun as lying in the sun can be, we humans tend to get bored easily. Bring  a great book, or some magazines, or even some toys (we brought a drone and slackline to the park last year – so much fun!)

Vale of Mowbray pork pie hamper

Mini pork pies are the perfect snack! Also this Mercer’s Yorkshire Chutney was fab!

Do you ever have picnics? What would you add to this list to make yours perfect?

Disclaimer: I was gifted this hamper by Vale Of Mowbray, but all ideas and opinions are my own.

Sidenote: I genuinely just bought some Vale of Mowbray pork pies from Tesco to restock!

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