Dinner on the Canal at Water Lane Boathouse

A stroll along the canal in Leeds is the perfect way to relax on a sunny day. A stroll across the canal in Leeds before food is even better!

Water Lane Boathouse is a quirky bar and bakery sat right on the canal edge, with a great outdoor area for sunny beer garden days. Inside the building, there are large windows so even if it’s a bit cold or you’d like to eat indoors, you get the gorgeous views. The best seat, in my opinion, is the one pictured below!

Sat with a fab group, catching up and meeting new people, we were brought dish after dish from the fantastically unique menu. I don’t often eat vegetarian food when out, but got to try plenty and was so impressed that I’d actually choose it again – shocker!

The first thing brought out was a fab vegetarian platter with  mozzarella, roast beetroot, olives, pickles and a mountain of bread!

Cauliflower and beetroot featured heavily throughout the menu for this season, and the salad was no exception. I am usually quite picky about salad bowls (okay, I’m picky about everything!), but the unusual combinations worked surprisingly well. Beetroot and raspberry actually go together perfectly, and roasted cauliflower and lentils made for a refreshing change to standard salads.

The sourdough pizzas were so different, and I never would have chosen them  from the menu, but the aubergine and cauliflower pizza was one of my favourite dishes! I know, so unexpected!

The Small Victories Bakery team make all our bread in-house every morning using a variety of traditional methods.

The Small Victories Bakery is responsible for the fresh breaded ‘Small Victories’ burger, which was so tasty and a welcome treat amongst the vegetarian dishes. The aged Yorkshire beef was perfect! The beetroot burger was nice another surprise. They were accompanied by skin-on chips, and they were seriously good chips! If you ever go for a drink and feel peckish, get some!

Overall I had a great time trying so many new dishes, and getting a chance to relax on the canal on a sunny day. It was a great evening and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back! It’s a perfect place to take your vegetarian friends while still being able to enjoy a burger. They also have meat pizzas and platters, but I haven’t tried them – yet!

The food is not what I would usually choose, so I’m glad I was invited as it’s definitely changed my mind. There’s also a great selection of drinks including interesting beers and plenty of gin cocktails. Plus, don’t forget the outdoor area! It’s the perfect place for a beer garden, with the sun shining over it into the evening.

I’ve heard from very reliable sources, aka Jennie and Charlotte, that the brunch is good there too!

Have you been to Water Lane Boathouse? Do you usually go for vegetarian dishes while eating out? Any surprising favourites?

Disclaimer: I was invited to try the menu for free, but all content and opinions are my own.