Woah, We’re Going to Ibiza! #BlogAtTheBeach June 2017

This month, icelolly.com invited me to join them for the biggest travel event in Yorkshire, Blog At The Beach! I’ve never been to one of these events before, but fellow bloggers have always told me how great they are. Wanting to focus more on travel due to upcoming plans, it was a great time to get involved.

The Venue.

This event’s theme, at Lambert’s Yard, Leeds, was Ibiza, which has been my dream destination since I was young and into all the Clubland and Ministry of Sound albums! (I still am, btw!) It was one of those plans that kept getting put off – likely due to being too young and poor! – but I’m determined to go there one day!

Arriving at the event, we were handed a sangria and had some time to mingle. I love Lambert’s Yard for this as there’s plenty of space to wander around and bump into people. I instantly saw some of my fave bloggers and got to meet some amazing new ones too. Networking is great when you get to talk about travel as what’s more exciting than hearing about upcoming holidays?

The Event.

Blog at the Beach was such good fun. We were given great food, fun props for photos and an Instax Mini was up for grabs for completing challenges. I already have one so sat it out for others to have a chance, but it was still fun collecting a couple of stars!

icelolly.com were on hand to answer any questions about the company or about their upcoming holidays. Something I learned about icelolly.com is that they can offer amazing deals because they are a comparison site, rather than working directly with travel companies, so it’s in their interest to get you a good deal. I’ve definitely been looking and Ibiza has some great deals as well as pretty much anywhere you’d like to visit.

The Speakers.

There were 3 speakers at this event and I was looking forward to hearing them as they’re such fab bloggers!


First up was Rhianna from Rhianna Olivia, telling us all about Instagram in ‘Hashtag Realness’. I was looking forward to this as her Instagram is absolute goals! I love her snaps and she’s always in the top 5 on my app!

I find with Instagram, I’ve read plenty of tips online and kiiind of know what I should do, but it takes an honest chat (kick up the bum!) sometimes to motivate you and Rhianna’s talk was SO good and inspiring! I’ve followed her for ages and know that she has all the tips for growing your following organically and honestly.

Main points:
1. Post regularly
2. Actually engage!
3. Use all 30 hashtags
4. Use ‘stories’, but be unique
5. Good quality photos!


Jen from She Gets Around talked about creativity techniques and how to let loose. She got people dancing, writing poems and coming up with out of the box ideas for other people’s blogs. Jen was lively and fun and made me want to do ALL the creative things in order to give my blogging an exciting boost.

Main points:
1. Think like a child
2. Don’t be embarrassed!
3. Get ideas from others – what would they like to read?
4. Do something new
5. Get in the now!


Jess from The Travelista gave a really honest and inspiring chat about how to monetise your blog. Many bloggers worry about sharing their tips, but Jess was upfront and willing to offer loads of info!

Her blog is gorgeous by the way and her images are incredible, plus you get a serious pang of wanderlust when reading her posts so definitely go take a look! (Not yet though, I haven’t finished!)

Main points:
1. Make a media kit
2. Go after opportunities yourself
3. Upsell & create packages for sponsored work
4. Protect your blog, only take opportunities that fit
5. Use affiliate links & networks


The After Party

After the main event, a few of us headed to The Alchemist, Leeds for some cocktails and had a chance to catch up and get to know each other more. I will never tire of The Alchemist, as you don’t just get a cocktail, but an experience!

Overall, the event was really informative, a great way to meet other local bloggers, and got me thinking even more about the travelling I want to do. After the loss of my job, and a pretty difficult personal life this year, a holiday is definitely needed so I can’t wait until I’m able to book one!

Thanks again to icelolly.com for a fab event!

Where would you like to travel to? What was your last holiday?

I hope this post has been a little bit helpful, but would suggest visiting each blog mentioned for further tips.