13 Reasons To Go On A Cruise Holiday

Lately I’ve been getting serious wanderlust and cannot wait until I can book a holiday!

I’ve been looking at so many destinations, but it actually gets overwhelming searching because there are so many amazing places I’d love to visit. As much as I love planning trips, it can be a bit stressful and I definitely need a holiday where I can just relax. This got me thinking about cruises. I’ve known people who have been on cruises, who now always choose them over any other type of holiday. So I thought of some reasons to go on a cruise holiday


1. Planning is done for you. You don’t have to think about where to go or what to do or how to work out an itinerary.

2. Entertainment. There is so much entertainment on cruise ships. If, like me, you imagine old fashioned shows, you’re in for a treat. Having looked at cruise trips, there is so much to do so there’ll definitely be a few things you’ll enjoy!

3. Avoid airport hassle. This is near the top, because getting on the actual plane at an airport is much more hassle than turning up! Just turn up at the port and you’ll be looked after from there.

4. Wake up in a new place. I can think of nothing more amazing than going to sleep and waking up in a totally new place! It must feel amazing. Like when as a child you fall asleep in a car and only get woken when you get to your destination.

5. Ocean views. I like nothing more than staring out at the sea, reading a magazine near the coast or just winding down after a hard day. It’s my absolutely favourite thing to do and it reminds me that there is so much out there that I haven’t yet seen.

6. Meet new people. Often when we travel, we don’t know if people are travelling for work, leisure or anything else. On a cruise, people are in the same boat as you (get it? Same boat? I’m hilarious!). They’ve all gone on a trip to explore a new place, relax and enjoy some entertainment. This is an instant conversation starter and getting to know new people will make the trip extra special.

7. Shopping. Never be caught short without spare or forgotten items. On board there are plenty of places to shop and find some goods to satisfy your shopping appetite. You can buy new things for the trip or for memories.

8. Great food. Speaking of appetite, cruise ships have a reputation for first class food. Finding good food on holiday can sometimes be a struggle, but with a cruise, you’ll have plenty of great options that you know will be delicious.

9. Top service. Cruise ship staff work very hard to ensure the best service possible. Knowing that staff are on hand for your every need will definitely help you relax.

10. Cruises are for everyone. A cruise is the perfect holiday for a solo traveller, couple, group or family. There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained on board, and you can be assured that you’ll be looked after.

11. Any weather. While of course it’s nicer to travel in the sunshine, with a cruise it’s okay if the weather takes a turn as there’s plenty to do inside as well as outside.

12. All inclusive. Most cruises are all inclusive deals, meaning you don’t have to worry about meals or what to do while travelling.

13. Relaxing! All of the above points make your holiday relaxing. Cruises are designed to help you relax while travelling and take away the usual planning so all you have to do is enjoy!

Have you ever been on a cruise holiday or would you consider it? Do you have anything to add to reasons to take one?

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Iglu Cruise, the UK’s largest independent cruise agent. All ideas and content are my own.¬†