Website Hosting: Why I’ll never leave SiteGround!

Disclaimer: This is probably a boring post if you don’t have a website.

Ahhhh my God! So I killed my blog the other day. I was attempting to switch hosts because I’m a cheapskate and jobless and was worried about renewing my hosting with SiteGround at the past-one-year full price (which to be fair is only around £100, but that’s like a third of my shitty monthly government help! Grateful it exists, but my God! Hire me?). I’ve actually had the perfect experience with SiteGround this past year, so it really was an unfortunate must.

When you switch hosts from a WordPress site, you have to export your blog. Super scary because I never believe it’s actually all exported and when switching hosts, you basically start again. The blog hasn’t disappeared forever, it’s still with your old host, but I can’t help but think it’ll all go wrong.

Well…apparently it’s not as straightforward as I’d believed. It might be with other hosts, but with this one it was such an effort and a bit of nightmare. I tried everything to get the blog back up and running, but it just wasn’t working. I was messaging the new hosts, but getting absolutely nowhere. When I started to worry and said I didn’t understand what was wrong, they actually said ‘It’s easy’. It wasn’t fucking easy! I’m pretty good with technical stuff, especially when it comes to computers and websites, but there was something just not adding up with this. Help was also not too available. Even with a live chat feature, I got sporadic messages. I started to panic a bit as I couldn’t access my website, the new one had nothing on it, and I couldn’t open the export file to check my content still existed (which again I kind of knew, but couldn’t see).

I spoke to someone on Siteground, and they instantly helped me, even though I was leaving the service. They talked me through things and I realised that I’d be leaving this fantastic service for something not that much cheaper. They were always available and even if live chat wasn’t available, I got a message back so quickly from support that it left me no room to worry.

Rather than making me do everything myself and worry about uploading the new website and files (again!), they just took it off my hands. I decided to cancel my new host, get the money back and asked SiteGround to take me back. They helped with the payment aspect by giving me a shorter term to pay for now, and then got my site back up within a few minutes! I’d been almost two full days with it with the others.

So, if you’re looking for a good website host, I cannot recommend Siteground enough! They’re around £40 for your first year and about £100 per year afterwards, but it’s so worth it! I”ll never leave them again and will definitely be choosing them for future websites.

Which web host do you use? How do you find them?