Meet The Advertisers: June 2017

Welcome to a new monthly post for my advertisers! I have started sidebar ads on the blog (look to the right!) and each month will be showcasing the amazing bloggers and small businesses that advertise with me!

I’m so excited about who I’m working with so far! From interior designers to fellow bloggers, there’s a great mix of new people to check out.


Meet the Advertisers

Laurel and Yew

Laurel and Yew are an interior design company that empowers people to embrace intentional living and design their spaces around their lives. They do that through a mixture of consultancy services (where they design for you), and informative materials that are easy to follow and applicable. They support other businesses which make or sell sustainable options for the home such as up-cycled furniture, recycled materials or even antiques, and traditional craftmanship.
They also have a social mission: helping to reduce youth unemployment in our local area, Croydon, which is one of the areas in London where it’s the highest.

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Social media: Pinterest  (the Pinterest of interior dreams btw!) | Twitter


Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

Wishes, Hopes and Dreams is a Scottish lifestyle blog by the lovely Fiona. Fiona writes about anything from beauty and fashion to books and music, and everything in between. I love the layout and how much there is to read on her blog and definitely got sidetracked for a while writing this post! As well as all this, Fiona also offers blog services and is always on hand to help with anything from scheduling tweets to migrating your blog. I’ve been following Fiona for a while and she is such a genuine and helpful person, so definitely go and check her blog out.

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Inside Laura’s Head

I’ve been following Laura’s lifestyle and travel blog, Inside Laura’s Head, for a while now and there’s always something great to read about, with the travel posts filling me with wanderlust! Laura covers anything from fashion to politics, blogging tips, and all sorts of other things. She also offers blogger services and small business support, so is definitely worth checking out if you’d like any help with those. I’ve met Laura a few times too and it’s great how genuinely lovely she is, I’m always excited to see her at events!

Check out: Amsterdam – First Impressions (it immediately makes me want to go again!)

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Sophie Boutiquez


I don’t know about you, but I always love a flick through the Avon catalogue and some of their products have been the best I’ve ever used! Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone with the books up here and definitely miss treating myself  from them (although it’s too easy to get carried away!). My sister, Sophie, now runs an online Avon store called Sophie Boutiquez, which means that while I live miles from home, I still get to browse and buy!

You can chat to her about any products and see updates on her Twitter account, Sophie Larissa.

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So that’s all of my advertisers for this month! I really hope you’ll check them out as I genuinely love each and every one! I’m so happy to have such a great group for my first month of advertising. If you’d like a space in future, you can find more details HERE.

Thanks for reading, and a MASSIVE special thanks to my advertisers!