Leeds Loves Cocktails & New Cocktail Announcement!

Leeds Loves Cocktails is not only an event, but a fact!

Leeds is the perfect place for cocktails and if you follow my Instagram, you’ll see plenty of places to visit for them! As well as amazing bars, in Leeds they also celebrate cocktails with a whole week dedicated to them.

What is Leeds Loves Cocktails?

I went along to the press event for Leeds Loves Cocktails, a week long event with the motto ‘Drink Better Not More’. Leeds Loves Cocktails started 5 years ago and is a week designed for cocktail lovers with events, tastings, parties and discounts in various bars in the city. Brands work together with bars in order to showcase both.

Headrow House, Leeds

As part of the event at Headrow House, Leeds, we were told all about Ableforths Bathtub Gin and Rumbullion drinks, including how they’re made and had a chance to taste them. They’re not as sharp as you’d expect and the gin is surprisingly easy to drink. We also got to try some cocktails made with them.

Rumbullion cocktail

Cocktail Making Challenge

As part of the night’s events, we were split into groups in order to create a cocktail from mystery random ingredients given to us. We were working with Ableforths Bathtub Gin and our bag consisted of mango juice, blackberries, basil, ground ginger and chipotle liquid of all things! Thankfully we could choose our own puree, so got to add some passion fruit in there too.

We really wanted to try and get all of the ingredients in, but couldn’t work out how to include chipotle without ruining our creation. My warped mind decided it would be a great idea to spike a blackberry and use it for the garnish without telling the people drinking the cocktail. It turns out that idea was loved by the judges! WE WON! Without sounding biased, our cocktail was actually incredible and my ideal type of drink!

Once we won, we were told that as our prize, the cocktail would be available in Jake’s Bar and Still, Leeds for Leeds Loves Cocktails week, 5-11th June. I’m so excited to go and get one. If you’re in Leeds and would like to try it, go to Jake’s Bar and as for a ‘Berry Long Bath’ – so named due to the berries and Bathtub Gin.

Berry Long Bath cocktail


It was a great event, and I’m definitely excited for what’s to come! Leeds Loves Cocktails is 5th – 11th June and a week full of great events. There’s more information on their website, where you can also buy a wristband to get involved!

Have you ever been to Leeds Loves Cocktails or another cocktail event? What’s your favourite cocktail?

Disclaimer: I was invited to this press event with no obligation to post about it or advertise.