How To Dress for British Weather ft. November Rain

British weather is one of life’s great practical jokes. I’m not sure about my readers from other countries, but us Brits get a pretty bad deal with the ever changing delight that is British weather.

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No wonder it’s talked about so much, it’s always a surprise from one day to the next! The weather forecast has nothing on this place, it can be sunny one minute and pour down the next, or even snow in some places!


Over the weekend, I went for a walk on a gorgeous sunny day in Yorkshire. We walked for about 20 minutes, then got caught in the tipping down rain with the grey clouds staying put for the rest of the day.

While in Wales recently, I was taking a photo of the beautiful mountain on a lovely sunny morning. I looked at the picture, went to take another, and all of a sudden it was snowing! The snow then subsided, and we were back to glorious sunshine.

One of life’s greatest mysteries is how to dress for British weather…

The Solution

Dressing for this ever changing weather is an artform. It’s something I’m not sure I’d ever really managed before. We’re given tips – ‘bring a coat’, ‘layer up’ – but on a boiling hot day, who thinks to grab a jacket to bring to the beach? Also, most jackets and jumpers are pretty bulky and just don’t look right slung over your arm! Constantly caught without an umbrella to hand, or having to carry all those extra layers becomes a pain! Even when you have an umbrella, trying to hold that while it’s blowing in the wind, plus your bag, plus many bags of shopping in my case, it’s all a bit of an effort, isn’t it?

Thankfully, I’ve found a solution! Or rather, it found me. November Rain have the ultimate poncho that you can carry in it’s tiny bag. Think a much cooler pac-a-mac!

This is it in my tiny girl hand!

I’ve been carrying it around and it has absolutely saved me, including on my recent trip to the park! My friend also used it to run to the car in the rain (and chauffeur me around like the Queen that I am)! It’s one size fits all, and will comfortably fit everyone, with loose sleeves so you can still function properly (an issue with some ponchos). It’s incredible that it is such generous sizing considering just how small and cute the carry bag is. And for those useless at repacking things such as sleeping bags, don’t worry, it’s much easier than that. Even I can do it!

The typical ‘how do I dress for this weather’ sunglasses and jacket combo!

I love the details on the poncho, and am so pleased with it. It actually keeps you warm too, so would be perfect for rainy days at festivals when you’re far away from home comforts. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this poncho, but it is so much better than any other I’ve tried. It’s high quality and clearly made to last. Plus, if it can withstand the weather I’ve subjected it to recently, I’m pretty sure it can take anything on! It’s really lightweight and can fit in my larger bags, but is cute enough to carry either way. It’s also wide so you can fit your bag under it too, which is more important to me than I care to admit.

I’m finding myself much more interested in ethical brands lately, and November Rain pledges a full 10% of revenue towards water projects to improve situations in developing countries. I really respect the brand for giving back to such important projects and it makes the purchase of their ponchos even more worthwhile.

On my balcony trying to decide what the weather will be like today, as I do most days!

You can buy the poncho on Amazon and there are different designs available.

More tips for dressing for British Weather

Carry sunglasses, always – you never know when that sun will pop out and try to blind you!

Carry a foldaway mac/poncho – like the November Rain one above.

Protect your shoes – you can buy protection for all types of shoes, for example to protect suede from getting wet in the rain.

Get a mini umbrella – while they’re not the best for really windy rainy days, they fit in your bag for emergencies.

Wear light layers – layers like a thing top over another can easily be carried when taken off.

Foldable flat shoes – not the cutest, but an absolute saviour on a rainy night out!

Carry a scarf – a scarf can be hung on your bag, put over your hair to protect it a bit, or give extra warmth when the cold creeps back in.

Do you have any extra tips for surviving British weather changes? What’s your go to saviour when the rain hits?

Disclaimer: I was gifted the November Rain poncho, but all words and opinions are my own.