Buy Me Something – My Gift Shop

AHHH!!! I am SO excited to introduce you all to my very own online gift shop, Buy Me Something.

The reason behind the name is that when me or my friends used to go to the shop, the others would shout ‘Buy Me Something!’ It became a thing and stuck, and I thought it perfectly fitted.

Homeware, gifts, crafts and accessories are the way to most of our hearts and I don’t think I’m alone in thinking some of our stock is the stuff of interior and blogger dreams! There are also plenty of wedding decorations and gifts for that special couple.

I’ve been running the shop for a couple of years, but not managed to get really into it due to full time work and other commitments. I finally have some time to get it in order though!

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to announce the shop here before, but realised it’s probably something you guys would like either way. I wasn’t sure of the direction I was heading in, but now I’m ready to dive into it, and think (hope!) some of you will love it!

From copper homeware to marble kitchenware, trinket dishes to cushions, all of the items I stock aim to add a bit of luxury and cuteness to your home, gifts or events.

I’ll be adding more products often and also sending out a monthly newsletter with updates. There’s a blog on the website that I’d love to publish guest posts on in time. This will be a constant learning process I think, but I’m excited to start building the brand properly and making a go of this. I currently have a home full of stock, and need to stop nabbing it for myself!


I’d love it if you took a look! Let me know what you think.

For your continued support of my blog, I’d also like to offer a 10% discount for the rest of May – just use the code BLOG10

I hope you love my little shop as much as I do! Let me know what you think in the comments.