Lee Stafford Cordless Straightener

We all know that feeling when the styler won’t reach far enough across the room, but that’s been solved by the Lee Stafford Cordless Straightener! Recently, I tried the Lee Stafford Academy Straightener and was impressed, so I was looking forward to trying this.


Bright pink packaging is always exciting! Pulling this out of the box, I was surprised by the extras. As well as the straightener and base, you also receive a heat mat, and a little bag to keep it all in. The quality of Lee Stafford products is always good, and these extra touches make them even better.

Lee Stafford Cordless Straightener



To use the straightener, you can either attach the detachable cable to the iron itself, or to the base in order to use it cordless. I tried the cordless option first, simply placing the straightener in the base, and turning it on. They heated up fast, with a light indicator telling you when ready. I loved how it looked on the dressing table, and it was much easier not having to be careful how you place the straightener (house burning down panic!). There’s no variable heat, but I didn’t find that made a difference to me.

To use, you just pull the straightener from the base  and use as you would normally, only without an annoying wire to avoid. As I’ve recently moved, my house is not decorated yet and the mirror I’m stuck using is in an awkward place, so not having a wire was so useful! I could also just wander around the room with them. I don’t know if everyone does this, but I never sit still to style my hair. I also hate wires everywhere – my absolute pet peeve! I thought being cordless made the straightener a bit gimmicky at first, but it was actually so useful! The straightener works for straight hair or curling. Having no cord made curling easier too.

Lee Stafford Cordless Straightener

(Excuse the wall – haven’t decorated the new home yet!)



OMG! I cannot believe how good these were! I often think that when things have a standout feature that they might lack in other areas, but these are the best straighteners I have ever used! The ceramic plates glide through your hair and it actually seemed to make my hair feel softer. I loved how my hair looked and was even asked if I’d had my hair done after using them. I can’t rate these enough! I wish I could have got a decent picture, but will try and update this post soon!

Lee Stafford Cordless Straightener

Final Thoughts

The Lee Stafford Cordless Straightener is the best styler I’ve ever tried. It made such a difference to my hair – it somehow looked healthier and professionally styled. I don’t know how, because it’s certainly not skill on my part! My hair is quite fine, but there’s a lot of it and these worked on it so fast. Seriously impressed, and surprised that they’re cheaper than a lot of other well-known straighteners at an RRP of £69.99.

You can buy them on Amazon, and can see more information and feedback on there too.

What’s your favourite hair styler?

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review honestly – all opinions are my own.

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