Lee Stafford Academy Straightener

I love easily styling my hair at home, and lately I’ve been trying the Lee Stafford Academy Straightener. I am so lazy with my hair and even though it’s almost naturally straight, I still need to straighten it when I’d like it to look tidy. Straightening and leaving my hair down is my go to style so it’s time to branch out and try some good stylers.


The first thing I noticed upon unboxing is how cute the packaging is! I think good packaging really makes a product and with the magnetic opening and Lee Stafford pink and black signature colours, it’s a really nice touch. There was also a little envelope with style ideas inside.

Lee Stafford Academy Straightener


When I turned the straighteners on, I couldn’t believe how fast they heat up – they only take seconds! I’m always in a rush so this is perfect for me. They have variable heat so you can choose a temperature between 140-230 degrees, which is great as I like the choice.

The rubbery texture makes the straightener easy to grip, with the rotating cord allowing you to style your hair easily.  They come with a rubber cap for when they’re hot to avoid burns when storing or cooling down. They feel and look really luxurious and seem much more expensive than they are!

Lee Stafford Academy Straightener


You can use them for both straightening and curling, and for each look, the straightener works really well. I recently bought GHDs and these actually seem a bit better than them, which surprised me. My hair stays straight until the next day when I use them, and I’m always happy with the result from them. They glide through the hair easily and my hair stayed frizz and static free.

Final Thoughts

I’m so impressed with the Lee Stafford Academy Straighteners and wish I’d known about them before buying any others. I’d definitely recommend these so had to share my thoughts with you guys. The RRP is £79.99, which I think is definitely worth it, especially as they come with a 5 year guarantee.

You can buy them on Amazon, and can see more information and feedback on there too.

What’s your favourite hair styler?

Disclaimer: I was given this product to review honestly – all opinions are my own.

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