Visit to Rhondda Valleys, Wales

I haven’t been to the Rhondda Valleys since I was little on a school day trip, but recently my Dad has moved to a village there and I went to visit a few weeks ago.

I obviously knew it has lots of hills and mountains, but I couldn’t quite imagine just how beautiful the villages and towns would be. Even on a quick trip to Morrisons, we were surrounded by beautiful countryside. Gorgeous hills and winding roads made each small trip out of the house exciting and refreshing. There were small waterfalls at the side of the roads, small businesses everywhere, and friendly people all over. The houses were built for the miners and all have matching fronts which made the place so cute and picturesque wherever we were. It made me fall back in love with Wales straight away and long to live there again (not that it takes more than a Welsh cake to do that!). 

Of course, I was camera in hand wherever we went! I can’t even begin to describe the mystic beauty that is Wales, so thought I’d show you. Photos unedited. 

Seriously, this is a trip to the supermarket?

Rhondda Bridge

While I was there, we went to Cardiff for a bit and the Rhondda Heritage Park and it was incredible getting to explore places I feel I should have been to much more. Wales is a funny place, it’s small, yet seems huge when trying to get around!

It was so nice seeing my Dad and Stepmum happy in their new home and great to spend some real time with them. Each night, we cooked, chatted and caught up on everything we’ve missed. I also fell in love with their cute little dog, Tanzy! I can’t wait to visit them again!


Rhondda Heritage Park

Tanzy! (She has eyes somewhere!)

Look at those flags everywhere!

Have you ever been to the Rhondda Valleys?