Samsung Galaxy S8: Smartphone Photography

Last week, I attended an event at The Alchemist in Greek Street, Leeds to celebrate the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and check the phone out for myself.

Having had an iPhone for the last 4-5 years, I was interested to see what else is out there so this was the perfect chance to get a feel for an android phone for once. I’m not brand loyal as such, but have found the iPhone to be doing it’s job well, so have stuck with them.

The Phone


As soon as I had a chance to check out the Samsung Galaxy S8, the first thing that I noticed was the screen – it’s huge! It takes up the whole front of the phone and was so sharp! I sounded like an absolute weirdo saying the following, but I’ll repeat myself here because this is true: “This is like the phones you see on films about the future.”  It genuinely blew my mind. When looking back at my iPhone 6s, it suddenly somehow looked old fashioned and boring. The S8 is just so sleek! I never use that word, but it is so worthy here! I imagine watching videos would be amazing on this, and as someone who often watches things on my phone, this would definitely upgrade the experience!


Of course the first app I went to was the camera! The main thing I love about my current phone, the iPhone 6s, is how good it is for photography. I did some comparisons in auto-mode with my current phone and the Samsung S8, and the Samsung photos were noticeably different. They looked sharper, and even when transferred to a large television screen they still looked good. The colouring was different too, with the Samsung 12MP camera seeming to brighten photos up a bit.

As part of the event, we were given some photography tips by professional photographer, Richard Storrow. You can learn more about taking the perfect picture yourself by checking out his website, Mask Of Storrow. We were then given a challenge to take a photo using some of the techniques, such as composition rules, using the Samsung S8. This is when I got to really use the phone’s camera features. I love how easy it was to use and the phone felt lightweight, but still good quality, when holding it.

The main thing I loved about the Samsung S8 camera was the extra features in Pro Mode, such as choosing your focus, adjusting the shutter speed, exposure and so on. It’s like a DSLR in a phone and was so impressive! The one-tap button to choose the focus is perfect for getting those hazy backgrounds in your product pictures, and gives a 45mm lens style result (True blogger needs right there!).

For the challenge, I chose a simple composition using the rule of thirds and few colours (as per tips by Richard). You can see that I used the one-tap focus on the second photo to draw the eye to gold sphere.

Here is a comparison of a similar image on both phones:


Here’s something ridiculous that happened at the event; I had to delete apps on my iPhone so that I could take pictures. The memory is only 16GB (Admittedly partly my fault), and Apple take up a lot of that! It would never have been enough storage. The Samsung S8 comes with 64GB as standard, which would make all the difference to me, rather than playing the ol’ delete app-take photo-reinstall app game.

The Venue

The Alchemist was the perfect venue for this event as the bar and restaurant are beautifully decorated throughout with wooden floors, feature lights and geometric additions. Taking photos in such a great place was fun and it was interesting to see what pictures others took.

We were given Prosecco and snacks which was a lovely treat too!

The Goody Bag

As if all this wasn’t enough, we also went home with a goody bag containing a Power Bank phone charger, Selfie Journal, phone camera accessories, a photo prop and chocolate! There will be a separate post on some of these soon.

Overall, this was a fun and informative event, and the most expensive one I’ve ever been to because now I want to throw my phone away and get this one!

Do you mostly use your phone for your photos? What would it take to make you switch phones? Let me know your thoughts and what smartphone you use for your pics!