Cake Delivery Service by Top Bake

A cake delivery service, Top Bake, is launching soon and I’m more than excited! How many times have you seen photos of cakes and wished you could have some delivered? As a person who doesn’t really bake, but definitely eats cake, I have often bought supermarket cupcakes, but they’re just not the same, and certainly not as fancy as local bakers’ tasty, instagrammable cakes.

You only have to check out Top Bake’s Instagram page to see the quality you can expect with this service.

Top Bake Cake Instagram Cake Delivery

Why Use it?

It’s really difficult to find the perfect cake and baker for an occasion, and while trawling online you often come across the best ranking pages, but not necessarily the best bakers for your individual needs. Top Bake aims to connect the bakers and the buyers by allowing bakers to sell their products online.

I find it difficult to buy cakes anywhere due to needing dairy free products in my household (not for me – send it all my way!). To buy a birthday cake recently, I was left with the supermarket basic version as it was the only cake I could find without milk.  It was fine, but not quite what I was looking for.

Now, local bakers can connect with local customers, so we can all have our cake, and eat it too! It’s like Etsy for cake lovers!

Top Bake co-founder Bridget made me aware of this marketplace for bakers and I am so excited to try it out! I’ve already joined as a customer and am awaiting glorious cake deliveries! I think it would be perfect not only for my own needs, but as a cute and thoughtful gift as you can choose the location depending on where you would like them sent.

Keep updated…

You can follow Top Bake on social media before the launch so you know just when you can find local bakers who can fulfil your needs:

Do you think you’d use a cake delivery service? Do you like the sound of Top Bake?

Disclaimer: Sometimes, a company will get in touch that sounds so good, I have to write about them. In return for this post, I may get some cakes, but I really love the idea of this!