I’m back! Almost…

Oh hi! You may have noticed I’ve been a little MIA lately. I’m back from an awesome trip to see my family in England and Wales, including two family weddings, my Mums birthday and Mothers Day, plus visiting my Dad for the first time in years! All a bit overwhelming to manage within 2 weeks, and all at an awkward time due to us moving at the same time, but hey…it wouldn’t be me if things were timed well! 

I left one home and have come back to another! There’s so much to do still, but my awesome boyfriend took a massive hit for the team by making me leave and see everyone as planned even though the new flat wasn’t ready and he had to miss out! 

We still have no internet and my phone is gobbling data like there’s no tomorrow! I just wanted to pop up and say I’m still here! I’m not on social media much lately either so figured I’d let people know about my disappearing act and adventures. All upcoming posts will be from my phone for now. 

I’ll be sharing pictures of my beautiful home country in separate posts, and also have some beaut products to review! 


Current situation: 

New flat that is less like a building site now, but still not quite a home.

No job yet. Soon! Hopefully! 


Eating an Easter egg because it’s close enough!

Gathering all products to review.

Dyeing hair.

Thanks for checking in! Promise I’ll have something worth reading soon 🙂 

Tina x