Wine Tasting Experience with Veeno

In the spring of 2013 something extraordinary happened. Two Italian guys in their twenties met in Manchester to find out that they shared a unique passion; they both loved – and missed – the Italian Aperitivo – the ritual of drinking, nibbling and relaxing after work. – Veeno, Our Story.

When Veeno first came to Leeds, my friend and I decided to check out the new wine cafe and have regularly been ever since. The small cafe in Duncan Street is the perfect place to have a quiet drink after work and try some good wines. Sometimes, we don’t want to be in a bar as such, but also don’t want a coffee, so this is the perfect inbetween for us.

When I was invited to a wine tasting in the newer Veeno cafe in Wellington Place, I was looking forward to checking out the larger venue.

The decor matched the Veeno branding that I had seen previously, with cork decorations, low lighting and quirky interior.

Upon arrival, we were taken to the tasting room, which is separated from the other partitioned spaces. The room felt private and exclusive with a large table to seat about ten people, so would be perfect for a group.

We were introduced to the tasting and were treated to the Selezione Wine Tasting featuring some of Veeno’s premium wines. We tried two whites, a rosé and two reds. I won’t give too much away about which wines we tried as think the experience will be more fun for anyone trying. Alongside the wines, we had complementary spuntini (appetisers) on sharing platters. To finish the tasting experience, we had a small glass of sweet wine with homemade Italian tiramisu.

The wine tasting was a fun experience and I’d recommend it as an alternative night out or for a treat. It wasn’t quite how I expected it to be – I imagined the way you see it on TV  with everyone spitting in buckets! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the appetisers, well, the cheese ones, as I find even cheddar too strong sometimes, but everyone seemed to love it so I’d guess it’s great!

It is a bit odd having a trial and error tasting, you know being a wine connoisseur and all 😉 I mostly know the kinds of wines I like, so knew which ones to look forward to, but I did like trying wines I would never usually pick. The concept of the venue is a little odd in the UK, but I like it. It’s not quite a bar or restaurant, but has some drinks and nibbling food. I found this quite appealing as it’s so unusual.

Before the end of the tasting, we had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners, Nino. He was lovely to chat to and hearing Veeno’s story directly was really interesting. It’s always great when somebody is passionate about what they do and he was happy to answer all of our questions. We got chatting about Skinny Prosecco and he brought some out for us to try too, which was a great way to end the night!

I’d definitely go again, it was something different and a fun night. The company definitely makes a night like this and I was lucky enough to be with some great people too. The atmosphere is perfect for dates or a chat over a few glasses with friends.

There are new restaurants opening up all over the UK, so if you haven’t had a chance to visit Veeno, keep a look out.

Have you ever been to Veeno? Or have you been to a wine tasting elsewhere?

Disclaimer: This wine tasting was complimentary with no obligations. All views are my own.