Monthly Cuppa & Catch Up: February 2017

I feel like I say this on every catch up post, but last month was craaazy!

Bought Property!

To kickstart the month, I got the keys to my first property! So exciting! However, we have been working on the place when we can all month now, and we’re stressing out a bit as we’re behind on all of it! The only thing that’s perfect is the fireplace and that was already there!

We decided to completely re-do the bathroom as a priority, but on and off it’s taken all month! I’ll do a full post about it once it’s finished, but so far we’ve ripped it apart, redone the walls, etc and started tiling, plus taken approximately 400 trips to Screwfix and B&Q! We haven’t moved into the place yet, but there seem to be constant setbacks, and I’m getting worried. Hopefully after this weekend, we’ll have a bathroom at least!

Green Day

The first weekend of February, Green Day came to Leeds! It was also the first Welsh rugby game in this years 6 Nations AND some friends I hardly see came to stay for it all! It was such a great couple of days. I loved catching up with my friends and loved getting drunk to Green Day live!


As mentioned, the RBS 6 Nations Championship is on at the moment and the first game was INSANE! I missed most of it due to seeing a friend for the first time in years and chatting all the way through, but the result was incredible. We’ll just leave it at that for now…

I’ve watched the 6 Nations my whole life and while I am incapable of following a sport all year round, it’s such an exciting time! I feel like Welsh people really get into it and are known for it, it’s always such an event. I write this on St. David’s Day so am full of Welsh pride right now! I explained St. David’s Day last year and why it means so much. To all my fellow Welsh people, Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

Valentine’s Day

This month, we saw all the loved up couple’s sharing pictures, posts and anecdotes about their relationships, and it’s so sweet to see. Ryan and I sort of celebrate it, but it’s not a massive deal to us usually. This year, we went in search of stars with a cute picnic, but of course the sky was cloudy! So we ended up in our living room, sat on the floor with the picnic and watching a film. I think it’s nice to have a dedicated day to appreciate people, even when you do all year round.

Blog Events

In February, I attended two blog events, which will be written about soon! The first was a wine tasting with Veeno, a wine bar that I have loved since they first opened in Leeds. The second event was Blog Squad Leeds’ first event, where we were given Instagram tips and got to chat to some lovely fellow bloggers.

I was a little bit pleased with my Instagram grid this month, but alas, not everything in life is blue so that’s over! I mostly love that I post good moments only on Instagram so it’s great to look back over what I’ve been doing lately, especially when it’s all pretty! I’m at @teaisfortina btw!

Job Searching

Ahh job searching. It’s tedious, but kind of exciting at the same time. I’ve been out of work for four weeks now, and am starting to worry a bit, but trying to remain optimistic. It’s become a full time job looking for one!


The last day of the month brought us pancakes galore! I love pancakes! A crazy amount. Every year no matter what I will eat them on Shrove Tuesday (the most important day of Feb!) and probably for the week afterwards! I also message and miss my cousin each year, as before I moved it was tradition for us to spend it together eating pancakes until we felt sick. Not only that, but we used to have Pancake Tuesdays, where we’d eat them every week together! Haha, I miss our tradition! I’m a classic lemon and sugar girl, FYI!

So in four short weeks, I squeezed a fair bit in. While I haven’t been working for the first whole month in almost 5 years, I have been working on our new flat most days (I am not cut out for manual labour!), job searching daily and trying to somehow be social too. I’m exhausted, but it’s been fun, scary, exciting… ALL the emotions!

How was your February? What was the highlight of your month?