Yorkshire Wildlife Park

On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, I went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster. I’ve never been before, but do love days out like this and wanted to do something a little bit wholesome after eating out and drinking for the past week!

I’m always a little torn on zoos and wildlife parks, but the animals had so much space and were protected, so it was lovely to see them in such a great environment.

We were able to walk amongst the wallabies and being so close to them was amazing. There were also polar bears! Actual polar bears! I’ve never seen a bear before and was so child-like excited by them. They were fascinating and chilled out just like cartoon bears on TV.
There were also loads of lions with a striking, proud male. Truly amazing to see.

It’s definitely worth a visit, although it didn’t take us too long to get around. I think if you were having lunch there too or have children then it would be a whole day out, but for us it was a lovely Winter walk for a couple of hours.

Do you enjoy going to the zoo or wildlife parks? Have you been to Yorkshire Wildlife Park?