Margaret Dabbs London, Harrogate Review: Medical Pedicure & Manicure

As soon as my manicure and pedicure were finished at Margaret Dabbs in Harrogate, I wanted to tell everyone about it! And I did! I told everyone I saw.

Walking into the clinic, the fresh flowers, copper bowls and comfortable, stylish seats oozed luxury.

I was a little unsure of what to expect. I’ve only ever had one manicure – I plan to have more, but I’m not very good at this upkeep thing. I have never had a pedicure, and although I researched before going to Margaret Dabbs London, I didn’t really know what a medical pedicure was. If you Google it, Margaret Dabbs London is the first result and there’s a reason for that.

Margaret Dabbs pioneered the now world-renowned medical pedicure by spotting a niche in the market. You can see a podiatrist for foot conditions, and you can get a pedicure for beauty. There are also plenty of beauty products that do not work on a treatment level, so why not combine them?

The Treatment.

I was brought to a treatment room with translucent glass walls so although it was private, it didn’t feel closed off. Made to feel comfortable from the beginning, I was given a glass of bubbly and sat ready for my treatment. As I waited, I looked around at the lotions surrounding me and all were specially formulated Margaret Dabbs treatments.

As soon as the two ladies giving me the treatment got to work on my hands and feet, at the same time, it was absolute luxury. They were both so passionate about their work and the brand, and told me what they were doing and how to continue to look after myself along the way. They were lovely to talk to, and the right amount of chatty, letting me lie back and relax, but not feel awkward as I have done in other salons and clinics in the past.


As I said above, I have had a manicure before, and used to do my own, but I have never had this kind of manicure. My nails were like brand new! The cuticles were cut down as with most manicures, but the sides of the nails and the surrounding skin were taken care of too. The main difference was in the care surrounding the manicure, with my hands being treated with the Margaret Dabbs range, including a fabulous lotion that I need to get my err…hands on?

My nails have never looked so perfect. The skin was beautiful and nails were shiny and the healthiest I’ve ever seen them look. I didn’t even want polish on to cover it up because I couldn’t stop looking at my hands. My boyfriend picked me up afterwards and I made him stop before leaving to admire my nails! No photo really did it justice.


The pedicure intrigued me. A fully trained podiatrist pulled a machine towards her and to be honest, I was a little worried about what was to follow. I am not keen on feet and have had some ‘feet issues’ in the past. Be prepared for a little extra information and skip this part if you wish! I have always suffered from the odd bit of hard skin on my feet, but for the last few years, I have had a corn on my toe and have tried everything to get rid of it. Seriously. I’ve asked doctors for help/advice and been given prescription treatments, but it just got worse over time.

The podiatrist actually looked excited at the prospect of working on it! I cannot even describe how perfect my feet felt when I left the clinic. Nails cut and cleaned, hard skin removed and, for the first time in years, I didn’t have that ridiculous corn (not completely anyway)! Even if you do not have any conditions that need to be treated, this is still certainly worth your while. My feet looked perfect!

Annoyingly, over the past couple of weeks the dreaded corn has come back a bit and is worsening again, but I have complete confidence that another visit will rid me of it. It was certainly massively improved and might be my fault due to aftercare. The podiatrist also asked me to come back in a few months to check so I’ll do that.

I was advised to moisturise twice a day with the Margaret Dabbs foot lotion and use foot oil too. I thought I had some foot oil already, so only bought the lotion for £25, but I don’t have any, so will be buying the oil and seeing how it goes using both together. I learned that keeping my feet treatments up will be the best way to prevent problems so if you need any products to keep your feet beautiful, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Margaret Dabbs products. You can buy them here. The bottles are large and you only need a small amount of product so it definitely works out as well priced. They’re also beautifully packaged and would make a great gift.

The last part of the treatment was a foot and leg massage, hand massage and the massage chair was turned on too. Heaven! I also had an oxygen treatment, which makes you feel more awake and refreshed, which I definitely did.

Final Thoughts

From beginning to end, it was easy to tell that only the best people work at the clinic, all passionate about their work and helping to achieve beautiful hands and feet.

I would suggest that every single person goes for a Margaret Dabbs treatment at least once. I say once, because you’ll definitely want to go back. I will be! It does seem quite costly at £45 for a manicure and from £85 for the pedicure, but when it costs about £25 for a good manicure anyway, it is definitely worth the upgrade. Both treatments were definitely luxurious and excellent and I cannot stop raving about them! I felt like I received celebrity treatment, by the best people. They’d be the perfect gift, but I’ll most likely just gift myself! Definitely an idea for Mother’s Day!

Have you received or would you like a treatment like this? What’s the best treatment you’ve received?

Disclaimer: I was gifted this treatment with no obligation to review positively. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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