Getting Back Into Fitness + WIN an activity tracker! #FeneticFitness

This year I’ve really wanted to start making an effort to get fit. So many of us say it in January, but it can be so hard to stick to. This month, I’ve actually started making progress and it’s actually been quite easy (not to speak too soon!).
When Fenetic Wellbeing, a mobility company, got in touch about a blog post about getting back into fitness, I realised it would be a good opportunity to let you know what I’ve been doing to feel fitter and lose weight.
I realised where I usually fail is by doing too much at once. I make a great plan where I’ll be going to the gym 4 times a week, and doing exercise at home for the rest of it. I’ll eat like the healthiest person that ever existed, and only drink water and herbal tea. It doesn’t work. We know this. It gets overwhelming, and it always feels like I’ve let myself down before I’ve even started.
For years I have steadily gained weight and now I am at a really uncomfortable place fitness wise. I live a sedentary office life and am glad I’ve started changing that.
I thought sharing what I’ve been doing might help somebody else get back into exercise.


The first thing to do is get your mindset right. You can write all the shopping lists, buy all the workout clothes, but if you’re heart is not fully set on making lifestyle changes, it likely won’t work. It’s good to have a goal, but just doing it for an event or to impress somebody means outside factors affect your progress.

Workout Clothes.

Despite what I said above, once your mind is set on getting fitter, stylish workout clothes can be a great boost to your confidence when going to the gym.


I’ve still eaten some junk food, I’ve still been out for food, but at home, I’ve made some small changes.
I have less carbs and have focused on eating better food at regular times.
I’ve also been having smaller portions, which feels normal within a couple of days.
Meal planning has been the biggest game changer, because I know what I’m having each day and don’t have the after-work worry of wondering what to eat.


I only planned to have 2 days of exercise a week, and it’s made it much more practical.

I don’t always have a chance to go to the gym, so like to find other ways to exercise.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a bad knee, meaning running is not an option really as I’m worried I’ll do more damage. That’s why I prefer to cycle. If you find it tough, or are recovering from an injury, this can be made even easier with the use of an electric bike. It’s just like a normal bike, but with an extra bit of help. Even if it’s a little bit of movement, it’s better than none and a great, easy way to explore your local surroundings.

Break Up Goal.

Some of us have quite high hopes for our fitness and goals can be overwhelming.  It’s worth breaking up into smaller pieces to make your goal more manageable.

For example, if you want to lose a certain amount of weight in a year, work out how much that is monthly, and work towards the smaller goal each month instead.

Activity Tracking.

To help me track my progress, Fenetic Wellbeing also sent me a MISFIT Shine 2 activity tracker in Rose Gold and it’s so handy. Activity trackers are a great way to make sure you’re keeping on track day by day. It’s such good motivation for when you are on the way to hitting your daily goals.

On the MISFIT Shine 2, there is a setting to make it vibrate when you haven’t moved for a while, which is so useful because I really get in the zone when working. You don’t have to wear it as a wristwatch as the face pops out which is super handy, and something else I love is not having to charge it, which I would definitely forget to do. The replaceable battery lasts  6 months.

Thanks to Fenetic Wellbeing, you can own one of these activity trackers (worth £79.99) too! Just enter in the Rafflecopter competition below.
Do you have any extra tips to share? Have you got any fitness goals to work towards this year?

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Disclaimer: As mentioned within the post, the activity tracker was sent as a gift and this post was written in collaboration with Fenetic Wellbeing.