What I Did For Christmas 2016

I can’t believe Christmas was almost 3 weeks ago! Why does it feel so long ago?! This is one of those timely posts I do… I didn’t have time to blog over the holidays, then wasn’t sure I wanted to write this, then decided to keep it as a bit of a memory post for myself. So here’s my Christmas!

Before Christmas

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I went to my friends house so that we could have a Christmas evening. We used to live together and it always gets us in the festive mood. She had made the place all Christmassy, we made pizza, had gingerbread men, hot chocolate, mulled wine, and watched Arthur Christmas (which is amazing by the way!) and it was just perfect. I also bought her a Poinsettia plant to add to the evening! It all made me feel so much more Christmassy.

I put some decorations up late in December. We didn’t do it last year because we were going to be away the whole time, but this time, I didn’t want Christmas to end as soon as I got home. Ryan went away for one night and came back to our own little grotto. Take that, Grinch! It was my first time decorating a place and I loved it! We don’t have much of a collection yet, but I made the cosiest little corner! Most of the cute tree decorations are from Buy Me Something, as well as the cushion and anything owl related!

When he came back, we decided that as we’d be spending Christmas Day apart, we’d have our own little (as if anything I ever cook is little!) Christmas dinner. I went about cooking it. Ryan annoys me in the kitchen so was banned (I think he does it on purpose so that I’ll make him leave!).

Annoyingly, after going out to buy the turkey, I realised that we’d run out of all the basic vegetables that I wanted to include, so I used what we had instead. Red cabbage, asparagus, carrots and leeks? It was actually so nice that I’m not against doing it again! We had bacon wrapped turkey with roasts too! Amazing! It’s the first Christmas dinner I’ve ever made and I’m so proud as it tasted incredible and we got to have turkey for days just like you’re supposed to!



23rd December

After packing two suitcases, and sending multiple boxes full of gifts home, I was finally ready for my ten and a half hour journey home. It may sound like I was travelling from the UK to Australia for the holidays, but I was actually just going from Leeds to Wales on the National Express! I don’t mind travelling once I get going, but I definitely wasn’t looking forward to the journey. Ryan didn’t come with me this year as spent it with his family.

Armed with magazines, a book and iPad I set off to catch the coach. Grabbing a Gregg’s bacon and sausage roll for breakfast – oh the glamour! – I set off on my journey.

I got home about 9.30pm on the Friday night, and spent the evening catching up with the family and drinking tea, obvs.


24th December

My niece and nephew came over to see me. It was so good to see them! My niece has grown up so much and so has my baby nephew. He was walking, running even, and a cute little nightmare! I threw out my arms to hug him and he ran towards me and fell on his face as he opened up too early. Twice. True love! He was also speaking a bit, but mostly babbling.
My niece was talking about school, hobbies and about being a big sis, and is just so clever for an 11 year old that I’m always so impressed. Some of the things she comes out with are so profound and understanding. Aww! I miss them!

I went out for tea with my friends and had a good catch up, but think we need much longer than a cuppa to get through everything! So good to see them though, and I love that they always make time even though they’re only visiting home too.

Later in the day I had to do my usual mad dash to the shops to finish buying gifts. I do this every year because I’m rubbish at actually getting organised on time, and always think of other things I want to get for people. Then I had to wrap them too!

In the evening, I met my friend and finally got to see his new house and have a catch up, then we met some people out for a while.

(No pictures of over Christmas as I don’t like putting people here unless they allow it)

25th December

Christmas Day! My Mum and I woke up earliest as always and had to drink tea and wait for the others. We spent most of the morning opening presents and it was so fun. I got loads of gifts and love seeing people open the ones I give.

I hung around in pyjamas all morning and chatted to my Stepdad while he was making dinner. Then we had our turkey dinner, which I looooved! After that I went to my Aunt’s for a bit to see her and my cousins. They’re house is like my second home so it was great to see them all.

In the evening each Christmas Day, we go to my Nan’s for a Christmas Tea and have lots of nibbles and homemade desserts and see the whole family at once.

That night I went back to my Aunt’s because I wanted to make sure my cousin was okay, and met my cousin’s new boyfriend, played drinking games with the family and had a great night.



26th December

My niece and nephew came round for a while in the morning and it was much like last time, wild, but fun!

My friend then picked me up later in the morning and we went to see our other friend and her baby! It was so nice to see her and so sweet to finally meet her baby girl!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have too long as had to make it home for lunch. Every Boxing Day we have a turkey and salad lunch and it’s my favourite to just sit at the table with the family and chat properly. It seems a daft thing to run home for, but when I visit home I don’t get much time actually ‘at home’.

After that, I was off to see my sisters who don’t live with me and swap presents. I spent all afternoon with them, and didn’t want to leave!

That evening, I went to the local pub to meet up with friends and it was mostly people I haven’t seen for years that I will always see as close friends. It was so good to see them and hear how they’re getting on. One friend and I ended up staying out until 4am, not my best move!


27th December

I had a bit of down time in the morning, needed after the night before!

My cousin came over with her two children and we had a bit of a catch up.
I also got a bit of extra time with my niece who is just the most wonderful little person ever!

My friend and another cousin came over for a bit and I haven’t seen them in ages – I’m so glad they popped in because I’m useless at getting round everyone.

I went back to my Auntie’s house and saw them all for a while, then spent the evening packing ready to leave the next day, sorting gifts and hanging out with my family. I always feel like I don’t see them for long enough when home as I’m always running around to see people. I also need much longer with everyone I saw for a proper catch up, but I’m so glad I managed to get around so many and see most of my favourite people.  Most productive 4 days ever! I definitely missed seeing more family though so next time!


28th December

My next journey was a bit shorter at seven and a half hours, from Wales to Manchester on the train. I was worn out, but excited to meet Ryan at the other end. Luckily, I ended up sat with a lovely few people, all pensioners, on the second half of the jounrey and it flew by. I actually felt so inspired by them as they talked about how they’re continuing their studies and about life and family, etc. It was lovely and made the journey really uplifting.

Ryan met me at the station, and we made our way to his Aunt and Uncle’s for dinner. His parents came too and it was lovely spending time with them all. They’re all amazing people and I love being around them. We ate, drank, talked and laughed throughout the night, and finished it with a film before bed.


29th December

We had stayed at Ryan’s Aunt’s house so after breakfast with them and a few hours of chatting, we decided to make the most of being in Manchester and went to the Trafford Centre. This was definitely Ryan being super nice for suggesting it because I really don’t think he was feeling shopping during the holidays! It’s the prettiest, and in parts oddest, shopping centre, but absolutely amazing for shopping! I felt like I could have much more time (and money!) there.

I ended up with a few new things, but the best one was a beautiful Kate Spade Mini Hayden bag – I saw it from afar and it was the bag of dreams! Ryan and I hadn’t finished Christmas gifts (or started in his case!) so he got it for me. I’m in love!

We shopped and explored the centre until late and got home to Leeds around 9.30pm, exhausted, but happy.



30th December

As much as I loved being busy and all the things I did and people I saw over Christmas, this day of no plans was more than welcome! We sat in pjs, watched films and had a lovely day off!


31st December

Most of the day was spent much like the day before, but we went out to get some food and beers for the night. During the evening, we sat on the balcony under blankets, with sandiwches, snacks, beers and candles. It was amazing. I wrote more about it here.



How was your Christmas? Are you glad it’s over or already wanting next Christmas to come around?