How to Style Blog Photos with Props You Already Own

Blog photos full of props with edge to edge items and textures always look great on Instagram and blogs. So how do you replicate that without going out and buying all new blog props for your own photos? I was writing a list of blog photo props and thought it might be useful to others. 

There are many posts like this out there, but I wanted to write one with items people might already own, rather than a list of things to buy.

In order to get good blog photos, all you have to do is get creative with things you already have. You don’t need to feel left behind because you’re not buying every new trending item. You can have the best Instagram and blog photos just by reusing things you have used in previous posts, and this will also keep your photos looking like they’re part of a similar theme. 

Blog Photo Props You Already Own

Flowers – fake or real

Candles/candle holders

Fairy lights


Washi tape

Books/notebooksCan be used open or closed

Blog photo prop list nail polish book

Desk accessories

Stationery – pens, paperclips, stickers etc


Scarves or throws

Clothes – with interesting textures


Blog photo prop list


Camera/accessories – polaroid photos, lens

Tablet – with blog page showing on screen

Phone – with social media or blog on screen

Makeup brushes

Makeup/nail polish – a great way to add seasonal touches to your photos

Plants – cactus, succulent, or large plants

Beauty products

Blog photo prop list

Sliced fruit – especially good for organic skincare, etc.


Bath products – bath bombs, salts, etc. are perfect

Paper/card – for backdrop or background

Quirky coasters

Sequins/ Glitter – Sprinkle onto paper so its easier to clean up!

MugsLike this great blogging one from one of my fave Etsy shops!

Ornaments/home decor pieces

Fridge magnets


Food/Sweets – Some packaging is really cute, or some open food products look aesthetically pleasing too, so they could be added to some posts when relevant.

Get Creative

I don’t have a white fluffy rug or background that I could use, but really wanted to use one to truly show the colour of my favourite NYX lipgloss, so instead, I used a fluffy white slipper and you can’t even tell! 

It may sound crazy, but getting creative is the best way to get original photos.

Let’s excuse the terrible nail polish and just appreciate the textured white background on this practice shot!

Like these ideas?

I’m sure there are loads more standard household items that could be used, so if you think of any more blog photo props, please pop them in the comments!

If this list has inspired you and given you some new ideas, then let me know in the comments below.

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Blog photo prop list