Why 2016 Wasn’t So Bad: A look back on my year.

While everyone is finally taking a breather after an eventful 2016, I thought it would be nice to take a look at the good things that happened last year. I personally had quite a tough year, which is difficult to even write because I hate thinking of it like that. So here are some of the great things about last year for me…

Grab a cuppa, this could take a while…


Reconnecting with family and friends.

I hadn’t spoken to my Dad properly for a few years (no fall out or anything, just life) until September this year and it’s the best thing that’s happened all year. I’m so glad to be talking to him regularly again and that alone has made this year amazing.

I also had my cousin come to stay who I hadn’t spent proper time with for about 10 years. Actually hanging out rather than seeing each other only when doing family visits was so nice and I’m looking forward to seeing him a lot more!

When friends move away, it’s hard to keep up with their lives, but I’ve caught up with some friends who I haven’t seen for years and it made for some lovely memories. I definitely need to do more of that.

Also, around Christmas, I got to see some of my favourite people and almost all of my family. Even though some meet ups were brief (due to my insane amount of visiting over a few days and the fact that everyone was busy that time of year), it was so good to catch up with them.

My friend came to visit and it was such a good weekend! I wish she lived closer! I don’t get many visitors as we’re all busy being grown ups and I live bloody miles away from anyone.

I also got to meet some of Ryan’s family who I haven’t spent time with before and it was so nice to see his parents a bit more. We’ve made a pact to not be useless at visiting people anymore.

Babies. Babies everywhere!

I love love love babies! I honestly want to take everyone’s baby home with me because I can’t get enough of the fascinating little people! I got to see a few at Christmas and it made for such an adorable few days at home.

I don’t get to see my nephew often, but when I do it’s incredible. He’s one and a half now and so funny. Such a crazy child and has grown so fast! Also, super cute! Even though my niece is 11 now, she is definitely still my baby too! If there was one thing that would make me move back home, it’s those children.

My cousin had a baby this year and I finally got to meet her at Christmas. She’s wild! So active, and also totally adorable!

My friend also had her first child, and she is like a little doll! A beautiful and content baby! My friend is also the sweetest person ever and such a cute Mum. Can Mums be cute? I think they can.

There was a running theme when meeting these babies. They all LOVE glasses! It’s a nightmare, I’m wearing contacts when meeting babies from now on!

New places.

We don’t visit our families enough really, but when we do, we always explore and go new places. Last time we went to Ryan’s parents, they took us all along the North Wales coast and it was such a lovely day. Even though I’m from Wales, I lived in the South and didn’t have much of an opportunity/need to go up so far, so I saw loads of new places, including the creepy, but interesting Penrhyn Castle.

We joined the middle aged and middle class and got some National Park passes (sorry, but thats what I’ve heard about them) so visited a few places in Yorkshire too. Everyone should get one! There’s so many places and I want to make use of them much more this year.

During the Summer especially, we went to somewhere new most weekends, whether it was another town near us, a tourist attraction or just for a walk. It’s so much fun exploring local places and makes me realise how lucky we are to have so much surrounding us. I also went to Roundhay Park for the first time, which is my new favourite place! I can’t beleive I’ve been so close to it all this time.

I got to go to the Trafford Centre in Manchester recently for the first time and it’s such a good place for shopping. It’s a new place, it counts. I also went to Manchester earlier in the year for the first time properly for my birthday.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go on holiday as planned this year, so will just have to wait!


Nights out.

Ryan and I often go out together for meals and maybe (probably) drinks and it’s always so much fun! Going to town for a catch up with a few drinks or food is one of my favourite things because everyone finally gets to just relax and chat properly. This year I’ve been out a lot more as we’ve got to know some more social people so it’s been a great year of laughs, stupidity and hangovers.

Nights in.

I’ve had some great nights in with Ryan and friends this year, including sitting on my beloved balcony under the moon with fairy lights, great home cooked meals and movie nights. They’re always so good!


I only really started blogging properly this year, even though my website is 3 years old now. I’ve met some amazing people locally and too far away! I’ve been to numerous, gorgeous events because of it and many meals out! It’s really taken off, kind of by accident, but it makes me love doing it even more! I can’t wait to go to (hopefully) go to more events and would ove to meet up with some local bloggers too just because it’s a nice way to meet new people with something in common with you, and they won’t laugh at me taking a picture of my coffee! In Leeds? Hit me up!


This year I saw Nelly in Leeds and it was like a massive hug to teenage Tina who adored the guy! I still listen to his music, still think he’s brilliant and the gig was actually incredible!

Buying a flat!

If you follow me (if you don’t, you got this far into a long post, sign up already!), you’ve probably seen this mentioned a lot lately. Annoyingly, we’re still waiting for it to completely go through, but I’m so proud of us big spenders for actually saving and actually buying a place. We only want a flat for now, and it’s the perfect place for us at the moment! Hopefully by the end of the month it’ll be ours!


I’m sure there’s so much more too! All of this plus everyday life while living with my best friend has made a shitty year pretty lovely actually. It’s so easy to focus on the worst parts, but I’m sure we’ve all had some good moments. What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2016?