Well, Hello 2017.

Yeah, yeah another one of those posts. Every blog, website, Facebook page you follow is probably banging on about what 2017 is all about for them at the moment, but I’m going to join in…because I want to.

I’ve never really been one for New Year’s resolutions, because I’m cynical and hate bandwagons and am generally a downer on anything that’s a bit gimmicky. However, I do like spending time reflecting on my year and seeing what changes I’d like to make. I think if I call them resolutions then I’m setting myself up for a fall, and acting like they’re just a new year goal, rather than a whole year change. So I guess that even though I say I don’t do resolutions, I do, and just pretend I’m cool by calling them something else.

2017 ‘Goals’

This year, I really want to make some major changes. I know everyone says that every year, but I’ve done all of the things I enjoy for a while, and think it’s time I did some different fun things. Like eating salad and saving, wooo!

My 20s have been incredible, I had a lot of fun putting on too much weight, getting too drunk, and spending far too much money. This year (this month!), I am 30. And if there’s anything that will make you feel like you need to sort your life out, it’s that magical number. I know my 30s will be great too, but I worry that if I go into them like I did at 20 – partying, bingeing, shopping, and lazing – 40 year old Tina will have a right go at me. I want to start taking care of myself now.

This Year I Will…

  • Lose weight. I used to say get fit, but in all honesty, a bit of both needs to happen for a healthier me. Ultimately, I want to lose 3 stone, but if I could do part of that this year, I’ll be happy.
  • Learn to drive. I really must sort this out now! I’ve planned to learn since I turned 17 and it just never happened. For one reason or another (no money, no motivation, fear) I haven’t and I know it’ll make my life better.
  • Eat right. This ties in with the lose weight point, but I want to make sure my body is getting what it needs, and not just less of what it doesn’t.
  • Learn a language. I want to learn to speak Welsh this year. I can read it quite well, but only because I can figure out certain parts from school – thanks, Teach! I’m also liking the idea of trying Dutch. I’m useless at languages so it should be interesting.
  • Progress my career. In whichever way, I’d like to make sure I’m happy with what I’m doing each day.
  • Go on holiday! Ryan and I STILL haven’t been on holiday together. We tried just before Christmas, but couldn’t manage the same time off work. This year it’ll happen!
  • Check out new cities. I think because we’ve had new jobs, or things to do in the last couple of years, we’ve been missing out on exploring the good ol’ UK. We want to see some more cities and towns on weekends. Suggestions welcome!
  • Explore more locally. I’ve done so much in Leeds/Yorkshire over the past few years, but there’s still so much more to see!
  • Learn calligraphy and hand lettering. This is something I on/off indulge in, but I want to do it more often and really get to grips with it.
  • Buy a property. We’re almost there!
  • Improve this blog. Obviously I love this space of mine, but I want to make sure I’m happy with the way it is, take charge of it and stop blagging my way through!
  • Look decent! You know that feeling when you’ve sorted your eyebrows and painted your nails? Well I’d like that more than once every two months! Might even get regular haircuts. Look at me go!
  • Read 20 books. That might not sound like a lot to you, but I’m terrible for starting a book and not finishing it. I don’t read actual books very often and although each year I say I’ll ‘read more’, not setting a number means it could be 2 books or 100 magazines (easily done for me!).
  • Get organised. I can be super organised when needed, like in work, etc. But my personal and social life totally lacks organisation. Which is amazing considering the amount of planners and books on it that I own!

I’m sure there’s plenty more, but that’ll do for now! I’m feeling quite determined to not let another slip me by with old habits, and a far too excessive lifestyle. There are a few things I wish I’d done earlier, but it’s too late to think about that, and never too late to start!

I have done a goals post before, but it was just sitting on my blog and nowhere useful, so I’m going to actually make a plan for each of these ones in order to make sure they’re achieveable and can be monitored. I’m just so sensible, aren’t I? I’ll be using my bullet journal properly this year too and making sure that I am tracking each of these goals.

What would you like to do or change this year? Feel free to link me to a post if you have one! I love reading them for inspiration. Comment with your 2017 goals!


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  • Isabelle

    I’ve always hated the idea of resolutions, so I now just kinda set goals of things I’d like to do rather than change, and realistically too. I haven’t done a goals post but I’ve got a post up on things I learned last year that I want to bring forward and remember in the new year up! xx

    • Tina

      Yeah I’ve tried to be realistic with these and they’re things that I keep meaning to do so I really want to put the plan in motion! Will take a look at yours soon as love seeing what others are up to 🙂 xx

  • Great goals. I find breaking my yearly goals into smaller, monthly goals makes me more likely to achieve them so maybe that’s something to consider. Good luck! x

    • Tina

      Ooh that’s a good idea! I was wondering how to go about taking on these tasks. I think I’ll do that actually, because each one can be broken down. Thanks! You’ve just made this much more achievable! Xx

  • I love your goals. As much as I hate “New Years Resolutions” I have goals as well.. So maybe calling them something different will make it easier to accomplish them! 🙂 Hope it all goes GREAT!

    • Tina

      Thanks! Haha yeah that’s what I’m thinking! Hope yours all goes well too! X

  • Really good and fun goals Tina. So many you can combine as well 🙂 I’ve set myself a goal of 12 books and that’s a lot for me, only read 1 last year 🙁 Let me know if you have any recommendations. x

    • Tina

      Thanks! To be fair, 20 is very optimistic for me! I read one last year, and skimmed a couple haha! I think I should have lowered this but it’s a challenge at least! Same here, I’d love to hear of any easy reads, I want it to be relaxing haha xx

  • I don’t make resolutions either, because I know I’ll only feel like even more of a failure if I break them!

    If there’s one thing on your list I would absolutely implore you to do, it’s learn to drive. Once you’ve passed your test you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it for so many years!

    • Tina

      Ah I know! And I always fail haha.
      The frustrating thing with driving is I know I’ll feel like that as soon as I get it done! It’s happening! Going to try and book some lessons this week xx

  • I’m excited to see what you achieve in the next year but if it’s one thing I do know, it’s the absolute freedom and gielbossing the feeling of finally learning to drive gives you! I did the no money/no motivation/lots of fear thing from when I was 17 too but I’m soooo glad I finally did it in late 2015! Always here for advice on learning when you’re uhm, slightly older than 17 cos it’s a whole different ball game haha <3

    • Tina

      I can’t wait to learn, but I’m still trying to get out of the weird excuse phase! Definitely doing it though. Haha so glad you understand! Thank you, I’m sure I will need some xxx