New Year’s Eve

We have an accidental tradition of not going out on New Year’s Eve. Instead, Ryan and I spend it together, usually with friends and family. Going out on NYE can be a bit of a nightmare, and while I still love to go out and party, I can do that any night without the expense, insane queues, and overpriced taxis. Am I old now?

Last year, we had a friend visit from China who we hadn’t seen for years. The one before that we went to a family party. The one before that, we had a party at mine. You get the idea. It’s always a night with people we love and it’s always an amazing start to the next year.

This year, we didn’t have any plans or people over. We’d both been away for Christmas and decided to just have a night in together, our first NYE alone since we got together.

We bought in some beers, got some blankets and candles and sat outside on the balcony for hours talking about life, what we want to do this year and everything in between. Oh, an skirting boards! Ryan has been thinking about our future property no matter what we talk about, and decided NYE was the perfect time to google the most boring part of a house ever!

We sat outside for hours in the candlelight, under blankets and it was amazing to just hang out with each other. We used the balcony often in Summer, but it’s pretty cold here so it’s not something we’ve done for months. What I love about the balcony, which has been mentioned about 1000 times on this blog, is that there are no distractions. It’s quite quiet where we live, and when you look out from our little outside space, all you see are lights from buildings far away, birds and bats, the moon, and…ahem…tower blocks!

It’s nice to be able to sit and chat for hours with nothing taking our minds off conversation, no background noise or television to distract our thoughts. The thing I like about NYE is being able to take a moment to think about how things have gone in the past year, and how to improve things. I know most people do this, but I used to think it was silly and ‘just another day’. Now, I actually like having an excuse to sit and reflect. I could do it at any time of the year, and do, but once a year, it helps to properly take stock of things. If it wasn’t for NYE, I’d probably be doing the same old thing for longer.

Beer and ham sandwiches (which apparently are not good enough to be called sandwiches and must simply be referred to as ‘ham and bread’) helped us through the night until it got to about 11.50pm when the most amazing firework show began. On the 5th November, we realised we had a perfect spot for watching fireworks from all around as we live up a hill and on the first floor. However, this time, all fireworks went off at once and lit up the sky. It was incredible and just a lovely moment.

Huddled together in a blanket while watching the fireworks was the perfect, romantic moment. We then went inside at 12.05am and watched Star Trek! Romance isn’t dead, people! 

Whatever you do on New Years Eve, I think there’s always something to be thankful for, whether it’s just being here to see the new year in, or being with someone special, it’s a time that we can reflect and decide how we want to spend the next year. Here’s to the New Year!

How did you spend your New Year’s Eve? If you have a blog post too, feel free to link to it!

Happy New Year! I hope you all have an amazing 2017!