Illustration Gift Guide (Not Just for Christmas!)

Sorry for the lateness of this post, I was hoping to do it weeks ago, but this gift guide is perfect for birthdays or other occasions too so don’t worry! (Were you worried?!)

I just really wanted to highlight some of the great businesses I’ve come across in the last year and a lot of those have been illustration based. I have personally purchased from most of the ones mentioned, and the ones I haven’t bought from yet, I’m sure I will soon.

I am so impressed by these people and constantly in awe of their work. You can tell how much they put into their business and the hard work pays off with illustrations that I genuinely love. I’m basically going to list my Etsy favourites so all are easy to purchase and all in one place for easy shopping.

Lee Bourke or TheLeeCartoon.

I have known Lee since our days at uni and have personally watched him drawing, painting and developing his skills over the years. He now specialises in fan art and it is just incredible! I can never quite believe they’re hand drawn, but Lee also has a YouTube channel where he shows himself drawing the images. He speeds up the film and it’s actually mesmerising.

How he manages this alongside working as a teacher I’ll never know!

These make the perfect gift for anyone who is a fan of the characters or people he has drawn so far, but mostly just for yourself, because how good would these look in your house?!


Aloha Lola Cards.

Claire’s cute caricatures adorn many a blogger’s website and she is all over people’s twitter pages with her brilliant blog headers, digital portraits and hand drawn cards. I’ve mentioned her a few times here, because I’ve personally received some great pieces of work from her, such as a card with a caricature of my boyfriend and I (framed below), twitter chat logo and my old blog header. If you blog, it’s definitely worth checking out her website, and if you don’t, you can’t go wrong with cute personalised gifts! The cards can be for friends, partners or parents and are the perfect little gift of appreciation.


Gwennan’s Illustration

I love Gwennan’s cutesy prints and blogger essentials. From funny greetings cards to prints, stationery to mugs, this shop has it all. Not only does it all look great in photos, it’s also super useful. So far I have bought a print, the card shown below for my boyfriend that may or may not have been insulting, and have this mug on the way! I’m sure you’ll see the mug crop up a lot on my Instagram in my oh-so-blogger this-is-what-I’m-doing-right-now shots! There are some great cards and if you have a blogger friend, they’ll love a gift from this shop!


Dorkface Shop

Jemma’s shop is full of all things girly, self care and general positivity. With watercolour and copper foil prints, sticker packs and digital portraits, there’s plenty on offer! Keeping up with all the trends, Jemma manages to put her own cute spin on popular topics and products. I love the planner stickers and cute prints! If you’re a blogger, you’ll see her blog headers and buttons about too! Anyone who likes cute and girly things would be a fan of these gifts.


Media Graffiti Studio

If you liked the fan art above, you might like these too. I don’t know much about the artist as just came across him on Etsy, but I really love his work! He does a lot of colourful fan art using a wide range of materials to give each one it’s unique look. These fit in with teenage bedrooms and sophisticated rooms alike, and will definitely be a talking piece.


That Lame Company

That Lame Company was started by two graduates and has an impressive range of products, from prints to stationery to phone cases and pretty much everything in between. They also do surprise boxes called Box of Lame that are filled to the brim with brilliant and popular products so make a great gift! I especially love the postcards in the centre picture!

It’s worth mentioing that all of these products are so fairly and reasonably priced, considering how much goes into them and I think that illustration and art gifts are always quite personal and cute even if not personalised.

There are so many more brilliant illustrators with small businesses out there, but I picked a few that stand out to me at the moment.

None of the people mentioned in this post know about it until publishing so you know, no 2p commision or anything. I just wanted to share the great artists I come across. Also, I hope it’s okay that I stole their images…sorry guys!  

Have you ever bought an illustrated gift? Would you like to receive a gift like this? Let me know what you think of my selection!